Monday, August 13, 2007

Post-party post, or, Happy Birthday, Lillian

This was supposed to be the 'Happy Birthday, Lilly' post, and I was all set to show you photos of the kids, the way cool Potter-esque cake Madeleine baked for her sister, and a rare photo of me and my mum... but blogger bites and not a single photo will post.

I have no blog fodder tonight anyway. I got two fake molars this morning. A 'permanent' porcelain on the bottom right, and it's 'temporary' matching upper. In another two weeks I go in for more torment and then will have a matched set of "glass teeth". Not quite as impressive as a glass eye, or a wooden leg, but there is a certain cache to having dumped so much yarn money into my mouth. At least if my remains are ever found in a ditch, the authorities will know I wasn't a hobo.

Other than my mother visiting (surprise - she came, and is staying for the opening on the 15th!) and Lilly turning eight (27 hours of v-bac labor put to good use), today was just a small breather before the excitement/trauma of getting the shop open and finding out a friend's family is having a heart sickening rough patch to go through. I know other people's problems are not mine, but she's one of us, and all afternoon I kept feeling like someone had tried to kick me in the stomach. If you are reading this, good woman, know that our best wishes are with you, and that I've already said about forty prayers for your family to come through this time of torment stronger and more steadfast than ever. Nothing is insurmountable, and you just have to keep getting through 'the next five minutes'... I can't fix things, but I can listen if you need an ear. Or a really big adult beverage. I can mix the hell out of some ice and tequila. (please tell me you cracked a smile, 'cuz I'd hate to have to bring up the pole-dancing in the back of the store...)

Anyway, muh knittas, something is up with craptastic-wonderblog-blogger, so I'm out for now. Go knit (or sew... see, I'm well-rounded) something fabulous, or at least useful. Come on back to find out how 'grand opening Wednesday' turns out. Btw, I met a 'someone' who knows fabric lines by name and designer... How cool do we think that is? I *know*... and she's crafty. Quite possibly we'll be inducting her into the fold... stay tuned... Cami


Stephanie said...

Ahhh...blogger. Gotta love it/hate it. I post all my pics in flickr and then copy and paste them into my posts. It takes the headaches out of trying to post through blogger. I am soooooo ready to switch...I just don't want to hassle with it right now. Sounds like you are going to be super busy now.......knit at ya later!

Annalea said...

I am up sooooo past my bedtime . . . but I had to just say that it's still good to "hear" from you. ;o) Blog fodder or no.

Love the "glass eye/wooden leg" and "not a hobo" bit. lolol

Best of luck on Wednesday!!!!

Dragonfly said...

I feel like the odd person out because I don't have issues with the blogger *puzzled frown*

Happy belated Birthday Lilly!