Wednesday, May 2, 2007

All sugared up...

and nowhere to go. I need to brew some decaf to take the edge off the very pink, very iced sugar cookies that apparently I have zero ability to avoid, and to which all of my offspring are drawn to in the grocery like moths to a flame. Blagh. In other pink news, I frogged (yes, apparently I'm still suffering rippit-itis) the beginning of the lace socks in the Claudia's handpainted yarn... I did , however,put some very nice Russian joins in it, as it was a bit disappointing to discover both skeins of 'peony' were in need of splicing. Yarn with such dire personality flaws should be cheaper. So, I'm off to get that coffee going. Rese, if you're reading, the glider is on it's merry way, though thanks to some peoples' near-phobic cleaning frenzy and intolerance of even one stinking piece of paper, I had to google poor ol' Harry to find his store. Sock ennui continues, so I'll be taking the next few hours of "free time" to knock a quilt top out, seeing as how there are several babies in the que for blankies. Baby is being scary-quiet, so must go for now... farewell my bloggy-buddy... I shall miss your shining screen. Camilla


LotusKnits said...

C- could you email me? I have some questions about things we discussed at the Harlot talk.


RedRhonda said...

I can't believe I'm not the first commenter! You're branching out! We must get together for some knitting time; I need to see/learn your Russian join.