Sunday, May 6, 2007

Just a little bit more

on the gift slippers. They aren't eating as much wool as I thought they would, even though it's three strands of worsted weight instead of two. I'm using Paton's which I know from experience is too soft for felted clog soles, but I'm hoping the extra strand buys me some strength. Besides, my mom's pal Carol is a little popcorn fart of a gal... how quick can a peanut like that wear out a pair of slippers? The color of the wool is pretty fun. Initially I planned a sweater for one of the girls, but couldn't get too excited about the short color runs. On socks I bet there'd be some striping, but on my standard-issue sweater in the round? Blagh. Everyone here in this house today is conspiring to make me crazy, which isn't that unusual, except after spending yesterday in a narcotic-induced stupor (owing to a severe neck/back cramp/strain) I'm having some re-entry blues. This afternoon will be taken up with mundane chores... silly family... always expecting to be fed/clothed/entertained/fed some more. After they go to bed the fun begins... I am prepping for May 17th's stitch-in with 'Imoan'. She's working on a quilt that is already cut out... me, well... let's just say I'll be introducing her to "free-range" quilting. I just gotta get all the goodies in one place, to see what I have to work with. With the new fabrics I'll be ordering I'll have to do a lot of structured sample blocks... this is sort of a last hurrah, before I become a conformist quilter. Okay, so we know that's a lie... I just don't want to freak any potential customers out, so I thought I'd make some nice, simple, not too 'challenging' blocks for display. Kind of ease people into my way make and do. Well, I'm off to see WHY math is taking so long today. I fear it has something to do with the children's hot chocolate consumption. Grrr. Cami

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