Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sock ennui

I have started and frogged eight freaking socks in the past two days. This is due partly to the fact that my little 'sock competition' with Imoan (name changed to protect the innocent) flamed me out... I DID win, however, though the other competitor believes that, as she frogged her sock to reincarnate the yarn as a hat, the competition is nullified. Bah. The blue/green Kroy socks are ever so cute, though it is my considered opinion that the little hoss I knit them for will not be in them very long.
Now, to overcome my sock ennui that is sucking the joy of socks right out of me, I will knit the Sheri's Lace socks from Sockbug. If there is no improvement after I've created those lush lovelies, I will move on to the Falling Leaves socks from knitty.com . Big plans coming from one who is currently more frogger than knitter, but none of the socks felt right. I really want to get needles into "little bunny foo-foo" also... but the yarn calls for something special... crazy, even... like maybe the "pomatomus" sock? I'm not sure I have brain cells left to devote to that, but I printed out the pattern for it and now can gaze at it fondly.
Some niggling part of my brain keeps begging me to dip into the Koigu stash as well. The deeply plum and olive yarn is practically throwing itself at me every time I walk through the craft room. Shameless flirt. As if I would know what to do with those colors now... silly autumnal yarn. The tropical colorway stands a much better chance. Oh, and Maddie baked a glorious double chocolate cake this evening... and tasted the bitterness of regret when said cake tumbled out of her grasp as she went to check it. For the record, it was only half-baked and made an incredible mess. Tomorrow we're doing it over, and baking cinnamon rolls for the neighbor who graded the driveway for us the other day. So, until then, knit on, if you're knitting. If you're not knitting, what the heck were you doing here? Camilla (frogger of socks)

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RedRhonda said...

It's about time you blogged. I've been checking every day. I didn't know you were having a sock competition with "Imoan", but I'm sorry to hear it fizzled out. Thanks for visiting yesterday and for the fuzzy goodies you left behind!