Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ugly mug

You know when someone's wielding a camera and you really aren't the 'photographic' type, so you do some stupid, goofy face (because there's just not a paper bag right handy) to hide behind... well, thanks to Megan-the-wonder-geek, there is my best "pulling my face sideways" look. I am so ashamed. It so sucks because I'm capable of looking totally human. Just not when there's a camera around. I made one and 1/2 really cute Koigu socks for my dental hygienist's new grandson yesterday. Today I'll finish it up. Tomorrow I will deliver them, even though we in Indiana are heading into the hellish, humid summer months and it'll be a good five months before his mother will even consider pulling them onto his baby toes... luckily I sized them accordingly, having had five babies of my own. I'm down with the details. Gotta get back to the sock... tomorrow involves a super-secret mission, for which I need to prepare. It involves yarn. And coffee, for one of the parties involved. The other one is bringing her bev of choice... she also doesn't like chocolate. I'm not saying it's a personality flaw, because I totally stand to benefit here... we will never have to quarrel over the last truffle... last skein of yarn though, and she's likely got me beat. Especially if it's on a high shelf... than I'm pretty s.o.l. More later, Cami

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RedRhonda said...

I think your picture is pretty. Happy Mothers Day!