Thursday, May 3, 2007

Black cloud of death

Yep. And it was all voluntary, too. The cloud to which I am referring is the Terminix guy and his (and I do not mean this in any sort of naughty context) "magic wand of death". Today was the day and I am so glad we ordered up this little dose of death . Can you imagine the disaster it would have been if, say, a fleet of carpet beetles or an army of moth larvae had moved in on my investment? Do you have ANY clue how much Xanax I would've had to consume to make that infestation seem barely survivable? Ugh. I'm pretty sure there are Federal safety regulations against doses of that magnitude, and at least the chemicals being used here as a sanity preservative are tested and approved for my households safety... only the bugs need worry. (and die... I'd like them to die, also... money was paid, a contract was signed... there had better be some six and eight-leggeds belly-up by tomorrow.) Wow, I feel like a mob boss. Oh, the power, the rush of all-controlling power. Like the great and powerful Oz, except MY curtain would be knitted of a lovely pink lace weight, with thousands of tiny glass aurora beads all over it that made a shimmery, tinkle-y noise when the breeze ruffled it. Huh, who knew I had a fantasy Oz-curtain in my subconscious? (I'm shocked as well.) In other news, we have a successful double chocolate cupcake experiment to report, as well as some gorgeous brioche dough waiting to raise and become cinnamon buns. They will be sporting the coffee buttercream icing, so I'm thinking neighbor Ron will be doing my bidding for quite a little while. I might want him to bring over the dozer and push the chicken house into the ravine... how fun does that sound? Ya-hoo. I'd use an exclamation mark, but the blog does not allow them. Okay, so I'm about done here and I really should get back to the inhumane short-row heels I was turning on the groupie socks earlier. They just loved meeting the Yarn Harlot and are still gushing about it every single time I let them out of their knitting bag. Honestly, some people ,er, socks, never recover from brushing up against that kind of knitting brilliance. I'm just hoping to perfect this two-at-a-time sock stuff, because I'm sick to death of having gauge changes between individual socks... it happened on the Meilenweit socks and the Kroys I did, you know, when I crushingly defeated "Imoan" in the sock contest. (heh,heh...) So, back to the ol' knitting board... um, needles. Type at you later, blog-gator. Camilla


LotusKnits said...

HAHA! I love your Oz curtain! Mine would be something similar, only probably purple.

v_kolman said...

dying laughing at this one. mob contracts out on bugs and the terminex guy's "magic wand" set me off into giggle fits!

and why can't the blog use exclamation points?

Annalea said...

I know I'm late to the game, but this is a gem of a post. From the mob boss & magic wand of death to the pink lace & glass Oz curtain. What a juxtaposition. ;o)

Boy, what an act to follow . . . lol