Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Missy is on the roof, Mom"

Happy Mothers Day, all you motherly knitters. For the non-maternal amongst you, satisfy yourselves in the knowledge that YOU have the ability to knit intricate lace patterns in fragile and dry-cleanable only yarns with little or no interruption... something today's celebrants' can only daydream about. But back to me, and how my brood greeted ME on this holiest of maternal holidays... by telling me (the queen of Xanax-land) that our adopted terror of a tortoise-shell cat was...on the ROOF. She apparently let herself out Lillian's window, the one with the bent screen from last year's near tornado we withstood. Easy to push out. If the bottom sash is up. Which I declared off limits last MONTH when I noticed how crappy it fit in the window opening. And to which no one has heeded my decree/safety warning. By the time I got up there to aid the cat in a safe return via the window, she had decided the five kids ogling her were a threat and had traversed the roof peak over to Madeleine's window. I went in alone and she and I came to an agreement about how this was NOT my idea of fun and how miserable she was going to be if I left her out there to 'teach her a lesson' for the rest of the morning... I still had to get her by her scruff. As she weighs about four pounds this wasn't a big problem... just inconvenient and a bit creepy... in the "jeesh, glad it wasn't the baby finding his way onto the roof" kind of way. In other (knitting related) news, I have (curse you , crafty 'Mason-Dixon knitters) about two square feet of knitted bathmat. Yep, you heard me... me and 'Matt' have been seen hanging out around the house together for the past two days. I'm even putting in a reverse stockinette monogram. The three strands of super-cheap "Peaches&Cream" cotton are varigated enough to keep things interesting, and the 10.5 addi Turbos are keeping me from having to use a vise-grips to move the yarn along... though I do have a cramp in my right shoulder from time to time. And there's the burning arthritis pain in my hands from the weight of the ever-growing 'Matt'... I haven't decided if I'll use all three pounds of yarn... might have to knit some of those tres manifique 'warshrags' from the book as well... Ann and Kay, you rock the cheap yarn scene... as for the rest of y'all... go have a coffee... or a 'vanilla-caramel' Pepsi jazz... and for the love of sheep, knit something fabulous this Mother's Day. Camilla

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RedRhonda said...

It's caramel cream Pepsi Jazz. If you are going to mock me, get it right!