Sunday, May 20, 2007

Enough, already...geesh

I'm so terribly tired that all I want to do is sit on the floor and sob into my knitting. There is so much to do in getting seven people all ready to road trip. My husband has upped the ante to keep me moving forward, though... because between here and there lay the land of 'Lorna's Laces' and the jam on this bitter, travel-hell of a pill is that I get to go inside and buy my first yarn order for the shop... just like that. A stop at the outlet mall in Kenosha has also been discussed, as we have the matter of the missing "good" ice cream spoon to attend to. (Dansk, and a spoon for tots, but I digress.)

I will leave you with some pictures. Some are old-ish, for the reader who did not play hooky to go stalk Harlot with me, and some were taken today, in poor light, in my dirty kitchen after I rounded everybody up for 'group photo-op'. One of the "participants" insisted on staying behind a sock book, as that particular ball of yarn is to be a birthday gift for a certain compulsive knitter who deserves yummy handpainted socks for her big day... weeks away... okay, here's the gang:

so, ignoring the ball behind the book, we have the winning little green Kroy socks, then there are the 'groupie' socks and in front we have (on the left) the gonna-be-lace-if-it-kills-me socks for a certain mother-in-law and the very adorable Koigu socks with the firefly green heels/toes. That chartreuse yarn flew to me in Susan's shop. I knew instantly it would go with stashed yarn from (at least) five years ago... all for a new babe, the grandson of the only woman I let near my teeth.
Speaking of teeth, here are some pretty ones, attached to one very lovely Yarn Harlot, as she appeared April 21st at the book festival in KY. The 'groupie' socks, seen here, were and remain awestruck by this most powerful force of knitting. (The woman was soooo ill... can you tell it? I thought not.) Bye for now... when next we meet I shall be a knitter afoot in the wilds of Wisconsin, remote-blogging. Till then, keep your sticks in the yarn. Cami


RedRhonda said...

You just have to rub it in, don't you? Harlot this, harlot that, blah, blah, blah. I am masking my jealousy with bitterness - is it working? Have a good trip - call when you get back!

v_kolman said...

Gotta agree with redrhonda and say I'm jealous about meeting THE yarn harlot. But I'm lucky cuz I got to meet you today, and that really made my day!

Annalea said...

Hi Camilla. I thought I'd drop by and thank you for leaving a comment over at my blog. It's always good to hear from fellow unschoolers, and to know that some of them knit. ;o) Submissions for the piano name contest close on Friday, so if you have any more, please send 'em in!

Btw, why are the gonna-be-lace-if-it-kills-you socks trying to kill you? I had to ask. :o)

Have a good one!