Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dragonfly's 'cheater' socks

I wanted to have a really intense discussion about variegated yarns, blah, blah... we've all knit them and gotten pissed at the pooling/flashing effects. This project is different, and thereby excluded from all ridicule, however, because these are first socks and as such they are to be cooed at and coddled, and made over like a fat baby in a shopping cart... they are cute. A big thanks to Dragonfly (the knitter formerly/briefly known as Miss V) for sending out the pic so quickly. Run, do not walk, to get your next project on needles. I vote for something with heels, though with a wool allergy (do we believe this, or am I going to knit secret test swatches for Dragonfly to wear in her bra?) most of the cutie sock yarns are out of the question. Hey, e-mail me your address and I'll destash that cotton for you to try, Sock Knitter... er knitter. You get the capitol K when you turn a heel. My blog, my rules. *wink*
In other news, I was taken out for a 'knit night' with a certain towering redhead, who just yesterday uncovered evidence of a knitting circle on Indy's south side. I was terribly excited... who would we meet? Would they be knitting painfully cool stuff? Would I be the freaky knitting nerd (I was, btw) who would suffer diarrhea of the mouth in front of strangers? (I did) In a happy twist of fate (or not, it's all perspective) only ONE other knitter showed up for the knitting thing... so, 'bigred' and 'squat' accounted for 2/3 of the 'group'. Not stressful at all. Noooo pressure. My mouth ran magnificantly. That poor woman will probably run screaming if I show up next time. 'Sugar', we didn't mean ya no harm, c'mon back... we can play nice, really. Rhonda is knitting my favorite yarn to drool over, STR 'Lucy', in the cover sock from the IK's new sock book... which I still do not own yet. The socks are freaking beautiful, and if she didn't have such longer feet than me, I would totally try to knock her down and steal them. Alas, I know they will not fit me. I also know she could kick my a##. So, I'll settle for a 'grope' when the 'Lucies' are done. It is so late. Bill made me watch these dumb you tube videos of something called 'Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine' show... google it and find the 'juicy' song... I nearly peed myself. Too tired... must sleep. Cami


camillaknits said...

I had friggen' paragraphs - really. i don't know what happened. Damn blog. tired grouchy typist... grrr.

Dragonfly said...

- Those are my socks! I'm telling all my friends
- the socks are not flourescent, no matter what the photo shows. they are rainbow colored
- Cami, I sent email with address
- bought Sensational Knitted Socks last night at Borders. (I know... cheaper on Amazon but needed immediate gratification)
- currently have bear (http://www.motherbearproject.com) on needles, half way done.
- wool allergy *sigh* sadly, my family used to play games to see how long they could secretly keep wool near me before I started to get red eyes and wheeze. It's not long. Even live sheep do me in. I'm allergic to most animals even my beloved cat. (can't use lotion with lanolin in it either or I break out in wicked hives) My sister still threatens me with her wool afghan if I annoy her.
- wishing I wasn't at work so I could find the chicken song!

Ok, That's hugely long... I need my own blog!

Dragonfly said...


Soft... pretty... not wool... http://www.soysilk.com/bamboo.html

Anonymous said...

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