Friday, May 18, 2007

Grouchy ranting and stuff

It's just a few days until I have to have a quilt top finished, and I can't get even one hour's quiet to sew it together. I've played at getting it cut out, played at readying the sewing room for the flurry of activity that has to happen... I've even gotten the machine serviced and bought fancy threads for it to cough up into balls on the seams, though presumably this won't happen because I got it cleaned and bought it new needles. Yeah, hard to tell when NO ONE will let their mother SEW. So, I knit. The groupie socks are done, with the exception of casting off in pattern, which will give them a nice ruffled edge. They are calling it a lettuce edge, because Harlot's LYS is the 'Lettuce Knit'... good grief those socks are annoying. They have also informed me that they'd really prefer not to be worn so as not to have to be washed... I guess this is a variation of "ooh, Elvis touched my hand... I'll never wash it again!" I suppose I could humor them over the summer, but Maddie really wants those socks (to wear in her Crocs) and I have four other sets of kid-feet to keep knitting for before her turn rolls around again. I feel an intense desire for coffee now, and perhaps another go at the 'Sock Monkey' quilt... and some donuts... I'm gonna get sugared up and go play with my rotary cutter. Later y'all... Cami (who thinks this blogspot place sucks, but who will again try to post a pic of something knitted before she flips out and gets a real blog space) Yeah, you knew it couldn't happen, right?

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