Sunday, July 8, 2007

Camp Wanamaikasaukee

I have decided to move forward with sock 'camp' at Naomi's urging, mostly because I have rent to pay, and because I'm being inundated with sock-knitter-wannabes. Well, folks, sock camp is going to weed out the little ks from the big Ks... knitters, I mean. I may only have two 'campers' signed up, and we don't start for two weeks, but I'm getting ready. I am excited. This whole idea came about as a way to grow more Knitters, to 'birth' them, if you will... one sock at a time.

Can you think of a more worthy use for knitting time? I thought not. Here is specimen A:

This is a basic sock, knit in a not-so-basic yarn. Opal yarns are famous for their self-striping qualities. This particular sock is knit of a cotton/wool blend which is no longer available from the distributor. (I found it at Ruhama's in Milwaukee, in case you need to hunt some down.) Sock anatomy is the basis for sock camp, with an emphasis on recognizing what you are doing to build the sock to your foot's 'architecture'. This is simple, formulaic, and requires only a tape measure and eyeballs... or a braille tape measure, for those so defined as 'blind'. (which would not hinder some of the more dedicated knitters I know personally)

If you are interested in attending your own "Camp Wanamaikasaukee" you can e-mail me at my address (found in my profile) and set something up. I have been told by several people to stop undervaluing my own time, and so, with this new week dawning, I shall. See, I don't always ignore what you say... latah, knittahs. Cami


Kathy said...

Glad to hear that you will be putting a value on your time. We all have value. Is this going to be a one on one camp or a group camp?


Kathy said...

Must be hot! Can't even spell my own name.


LotusKnits said...

Where? When? I wanna play!

Dragonfly said...

Sock camp sounds so fun! And I saw lovely sock yarn today that I was so sad that I can't use. Stupid wool allergy, all the best sock yarns have wool!! I'm going to brave another sock one of these days soon, not going to let the blue sock get me down!

melly~ said...

I wanna come to camp!
I'm hoping though I don't need sunscreen, bug repellant or the lyrics to kum bah yah. :)
Sign me UP!

Dragonfly said...

ok, I gotta ask... how did you add the Knitting Daily button in such a way that it links?

Dragonfly said...


This is a public service announcement: "Hug your favorite textile shop owner today. They work harder than anyone realizes!"