Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Progress... and a monkey

Okay, my apologies for another 'listing' post. Brain too fried to type, let alone rotate this photo of 'Monks'... the first in a long line of 'Monkey' socks. I am hopelessly smitten with Cookie A. Do we know if she's real? How come she's not on tour? Anyway, I give you exhibit A. is for Cookie... It looks ever so much more impressive with my fat, hammy fist inside the sock, to show off the lacier attributes. However, if you saw how much paint I couldn't get scrubbed off my arm, you'd beat me with my own needles for daring to touch the Koigu. As the paint was dried to my body I reckoned the yarn was in no great peril.

Here you can see the new counter top, still needing primer and paint, but looking ever so fetching. Below is yet another (snore) photo of the shop, still clad only in primer, though I'm aiming to change all that throughout the rest of the week. Melly, the place positively glowed this afternoon when I was back in there. Stunning. Bright and clean and wonderful. Thank you for the help. Speaking of, remember Dude Who Hauls Stuff? He also brought a teen aged slave, er, *son* with him to help cart stuff away. They did not flinch about the 'haul' and Dude, who is a firefighter in real life, was so nice to the kids, chatting away with Joe like he'd known him forever. Joe, of course, was thrilled... he gets his rachetjaws from me...
( I should add that this is only about the half-way point, and that, on our way out of town, we noticed a few errant chunks of wallboard on the street. Franklin is home to the world's most bored street sweeper, so I'm sure she'll have things tip-top by breakfast.)

Also, to all you bloggers out there. I am still reading and soaking up all your greatness... I'm just too tired to post many comments. I am thinking of you all... Stephanie and Gaylen, show me your monkeys (yeah, Steph, that does feel dirty!) and to all you knittas out there, have a good (crayon-free) evening. Crafty-chick smooches. Cami

p.s. redrhonda has joined this madness. She is casting on monkeys *right now* (yay)


RedRhonda said...

The shop is beeyooteeful. I'm so proud of you. I finished my dishcloth, so I'm ready to cast on my Monkeys!

LotusKnits said...

Yay Red for working on some Monkeys! They're really fun. Cami, your countertop and walls look AWESOME! I wanna come play!

Annalea said...

Ooooo. That sea of tile almost makes me rethink my staunch anti-tile-countertop position. Almost.

Just gorgeous.

Maybe I could do something like that in a backsplash or a tub surround . . . so pretty!

And nice work on the socks, Cami. I own sock yarn, and tell myself I'm going to knit socks, and I've cast on and even knitted on socks . . . and then find myself completely disenchanted and frog the poor thing. Well, at least on socks for me. I've knit socks for Vern, and the baby, and the 3yo. Just not for my size 10 feet. And somehow, I still manage to daydream about Dream In Color knee highs. Maybe when the kids are flown. ;o)

Have a good night's sleep, and a great day tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Look at that Monkey. I am totally smitten with Cookie A. too. I do think she's real! I have a dvr taping of her on Knitty Gritty! She lives!!!! I know I will be making more Monkey's that just this pair. It's so funny because I resisted making them since they were sooooo popular...but...da knittas know best. I am seriously considering buying a few of her patterns as well. The Flicker socks look so cool and the Thelonius ones too. I don't think I could do a knee high...they look lovely...but just not for my short fat legs. Nope. Not gonna happen.

GAH. I am suppose to be reading HP and all I want to do is knit. I think I'm going to have to pace myself...or just finish this dangged Monkey and get it off my back ROFL. ( I couldn't help myself. I'm sleep deprived and it's 11:30)

Dragonfly said...

The tile is gorgeous!

gaylen said...

Cami - that tile is to die for! I would put it somewhere where there wasn't food and water anyday! Great choice.

Just for you today I posted a picture of my Monkey too! Go see. For some reason I love taking pictures of my foot in the air in my living room. I think my little solar tube looks like the moon and it delights me to no end!!! g