Monday, July 23, 2007

Painting is my Kryptonite

I can't feel my fingers, and without the availability of spell check, there is no way on earth I'd even attempt this post. Hands and arms of freaking lead, muh knittas, that is what I'm left with after a day of painting. Dash it all, but that I had to miss hangin' with the knitters, er, knittas this evening for Monday knit-night. Instead, I got to ass-plant myself into a glider rocker with cramps in my cramps, with my forearms feeling like they belonged to 'Popeye'... arrgh. Pass me the spinach.

Shop update: Everything has had a bath in primer. Painting to commence as soon as I can say the word without whimpering and reaching for the Xanax bottle. The tile counter top is beautiful. Gorgeous. And finished, which, as of today, trumps anything else in the place. Tomorrow is carpet-purchasing, insurance policy-signing, glass-break-burglar-alarm contracting (really, that is what they called it on the phone), and I don't know 'bout you, but quite possibly I'd like to squeeze a little nap in there, too.

Monkey update: Monks is doing really well, though we had only gotten through half the heel flap before I trashed my arms/hands/fingers with the painting of primer today. I think the MIL will like them. I hope. Three other yarns have already accosted me and insisted they be next on needles to 'become' a Monkey. I am also working on the de-stashing/yarn swappage thing. You know who you are. Give me three days to get something into a mailer... for both of you.

Okeedoke, my hands and feet are numb... with cold. I'm going hunting for a pair of socks...and off to bed. Right after I hit my super-secret stash of leftover Percocets. I hear they work on actual pain, and I am one. *wink* Cami


Annalea said...

Sleep well, Cami. I know I sure am tonight. ;o) I sure hope it's not as hot where you are as it is where I am! lol

And don't forget to cover that counter 50 times over before you paint anything within 50 feet of it. Paint has an affinity for anything that's not supposed to be painted. (Don't ask me how I know . . .)

Later, girl!

Stephanie said...

Percocets are suppose to be used for actual pain?? WHA?? NO! I had a secret stash after my c/s too....but they didn't last too long :o)

I feel your pain. When we moved into our house I painted the whole myself....for A WEEK. I hurt. I never wanted to paint anything again. EVER. Pain fades..and then you like different colors and go through the whole thing again. Good luck! I'm loving these Monkeys. I am definitely going to be making more as well. It is so much fun..I have memorized the pattern finally and love that line 4 as well...and all the yo lines...and all of the other ones too....oh hell. I just love them all :o)

LotusKnits said...

Glad the shop's coming along!! So exciting. It will all be worth it on your opening day!

Can't wait to see your monkeys!