Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Monkey far

The monkey just won't get off my back, so I've had to make 'plans'. Future Monkeys pictured (clockwise, from upper left) "Southern Monkeys", "Dizzy Baby Monkeys", and, with a nod to the Potterheads, and with tongue firmly in cheek, "Howler Monkeys". I hear Mrs. Weasley's howler-voice every time I look at that red yarn.

This morning involved a trip out to sign insurance forms and hand over gobs of money. I feel like I can start moving boxes into town, now, though the security system guy isn't coming 'till tomorrow morning. Ugh. Another early start. Tell me, do you feel it's necessary for a fabric/knitting shop to be open by ten a.m.? How about by eleven a.m.? And, if given the choice, what week day evening is most conducive to a late night shop event? I've stitched and knitted alone in my pod for over a decade, so I have no facts upon which to base policies on. I do know I usually try to fabric shop on Sundays, but most of the shops around here are locked up tight. Except around Christmas. Nothing says "I just want your money" like altering your routine to accommodate the Christmas hoardes.

This morning was rainy and blah, and as a consequence of the dampness, I slid in the garage and bashed my left knee really bad. All my weight came down on one knee, on a spot about the size of a dime. Bill ran me out an icepack to wear (I was headed to my ins. appt.) and now it's just a puffy little knot, which happens to hurt like crazy when my pant leg brushes against it. Clutzy broad.

Because of my misery, I treated myself to some fabulously cute soaps I spotted via Alison's blog. The soaps are hand crafted and, not being in a mood to choose, I opted for one of each 'flavor'. If they are as fabulous as I expect them to be, I'll try to get them for the shop, though if you're already familiar with 'Etsy' (as I'm sure most of you are...) you'll be able to hunt them down for yourself. Just don't be a hog. Don't make me come after you. And, with that thinly veiled threat in place, I'm going to go prop my leg, eat ice cream while watching a NEW 'Rosemary&Thyme' disc, and continue to wait for Dude Who Hauls Stuff to come out here to the house. 'Cuz Dude is also a tree service... (Stephanie, get your mind out of the gutter, thank you. You're supposed to be reading HP, not reading unintentional p0rn into my bloggy-blog-blog.) Seriously, we've had deadfall next to the garage for quite a while, and it makes me nervous when the kids go out to play. Those two trees just have to come down... all the way down, to the ground. So, I'm off to wait... you go knit something... then come back. Cami
Added a bit later:

The deadfall and the tree it was hung up on just came down. It involved a rope, and a truck, and a teen aged helper who's going to require clean drawers. The rope could only be retrieved by cutting the walnut tree further. Click the photo and you'll see it's extra slice, right in the middle. Walnut trees are such slow growers (this one was probably a hundred, at least, and not yet mature to produce nuts) I'm sorry to have lost it. Bummer. On the other hand, those guys put on quite a show. The sick/dead tree that caused this carnage was a white elm. It shattered when it hit the ground, rotted through and hollow.


LotusKnits said...

HAHA! I totally snorted at "Howler Monkey"!

Sorry to hear about your knee...that really sucks.

As for your store hours, I'd think as long as you were open by lunch (11ish) on the weekdays, and a little earlier for the weekends you'd be fine. You can always have your summer hours be shorter too.

Dragonfly said...

I love the Howler Monkey too! Made me giggle.

Personally I'm wondering about plans for the week between Christmas and New Year's. Mojave Sis and I were discussing a road trip to you since she'll be around and I don't work.

Due to single parenthood, no night ever seems to work for me so I'm not a good judge. But I agree with Lotus, I think by lunch on weekdays would probably be fine. give people something to do on lunch breaks!