Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two Terrific Things

Today was a big day at the Becher Haus, as two of it's residents had birthdays today. Madeleine is now officially twelve, Mitchell is ten. We have been going with the 'group cake' for a few years now. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The mailman brought me something pretty and woolen, from the land of cotton. Remember how I won some of Lotusknitter's hand dyed yarn? Meet "Wish You Were Here". Hmmmm. A recurring theme for me these days. I miss my pal Traci just awful, the money can't leave my pockets fast enough with all the business purchases needed lately, and, oh... and the computer which played a part in Tuesdays whine-festival? Missing. Gone. As in, the store didn't really have one to sell me. But the crack team of 'experts' at Circuit City are on the job, so I have nothing to stress over, right?

Let's just look at the beautiful, yummy yarn again... till I stop seeing spots... and can breathe a little better:

Okay. Not having a cow. Not having a temper tantrum. Having a Xanax. See, I have coping skills. I also have a very good doctor. And I'm really loving this girl right about now, too. Isn't she talented? If I tried to dye yarn it would come out looking exactly like mud. I'm just gonna keep it real close, and squeeze it a little when the anxiety lurks. Fiber therapy, but in a cool way. Now, if you'll excuse me, my house is looking a little ramshackle-messy and there is also the matter of left-over birthday cake... and coffee. Wish you were here, indeed. Cami


Dragonfly said...

beautiful cake and gorgeous yarn!!

Are the birthdays the same day or really close? I was telling my son the kids ages the other day (I can remember Madeline is 12, and then I remember that it's G-B-G-B-G-B with 2 years in between if you count Jemimah... ) and he was asking if they are really exactly two years apart and it sounds like I can tell him the first two definitely are!

Yippee for coping skills and the meds that support them :-)

Boris said...

I have been sorted into the haus of Slytherin so I guess we're through, Gryfandite, take that. I will now associate only with vampire children, albinos and thugs. TTFN - your S.O.

Stephanie said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Jaywalkers!! I think you'll love them if you knit some up. I am in love with the pattern. So simple and they fit so beautifully! I'm totally jealous of that yarn. Just my luck...another indy yarn dyer to watch on etsy. You can never have too many right? :o) Anyway...nice to meet you!!

Josetta said...

What a beautiful cake!!! Is there ANYTHING you can't do?!