Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Your Average Jane

In a quirky twist of fate, I found myself compelled to go into town today and let the children wield paint rollers of their own. I overcame my fear of ladders (thanks for the continued loan, Crockers!) up to the third rung, at least, and got primer all the way up the wall... and, apparently, all over my feet as well. This then, is my tribute to the fabulous Yarnstorm, who I'm betting does not have paint all over her feet. When we got home there was a package on the porch. If this is a common item in your grocery, please do not tell me. We have looked everywhere for this little item, and finally, in a fit of stubbornness, I ordered some for my poor husband, who adores this particular brand (and he's tried them all). Nothing, it seems, compares to this:

yep, just a little bit of love in a shaker-topped can... or, rather, a dozen shaker-topped cans. Had to order a case to make the shipping worthwhile. I picked him up some spuds at the grocery so he can fry and season to his heart's content. I grabbed this, too. Even though I can't drink it, I had to buy it... look, Jaye... Polka Dotted wine... have you ever? I think it's probably pretty tasty, too... judging from the twist off cap. Heh, heh.

And, lastly, here is a view of a painted wall, with a few partially painted yarn 'barns' in the foreground. I'm still covered in primer, I cut myself on the mail (got the bum covers, Rese, thanks!) and the kids all need help scrubbing their shoes clean before bed. I'm brewing a pot of decaf breakfast blend (Starbuck's, of course. You know I'm a slave to it, right?) and then, when the kids are all tucked up in their beds, I'm plopping down and watching 'Rosemary&Thyme' season one. Netflix totally came through with a new copy that will actually play instead of stutter and die. Oh, there's crullers from Krispy Kreme, too... I wish you all the best evening possible. Traci, you should come here. Visit your old pal. Did I mention Krispy Kreme? Hmmmm? I'd totally get you the hot ones... if you were here instead of there. Cami


melly~ said...

shop looks GREAT!
and Boris - is that GEEK seasoning I see? :oD
Peace to you, friend.

Annalea said...

So, I'm finally browsing over your sidebar today, and notice that you're an unschooler, too. I knew I liked you for Some Reason . . . ;o)

The shop is looking great, as always. Btw, is the tile at home? I thought the shop was carpeted to cushion those slip-and-fall-artists. Keep breathing, but only when you're far, far away from the pain fumes, m'dear.

Enjoy your evening!

Dragonfly said...

Oooh, Krispy Kreme.... Sounds like you are planning a restful evening, exactly what you need!

I hate being this far away, I keep trying to think of things I could possibly do to help and coming up with nothing. Let me know!!


camillaknits said...

the tile right inside the shop door... I'm putting a 'water hog mat' from L.L.Bean over it. Hoping it'll save the new carpet, too(as yet unpurchased) Here at Becher Haus we have antique tobacco barn floors... currently under attack by some sub-species of powder-post beetle larvae. Don't even get me started... except don't ever by reclaimed wood for flooring. these beasts can stay dormant 15 years or more, and homeowners ins. won't pay to fix...gah!

camillaknits said...

buy. not by...i'm going to put this sleepy boy down now... will do spelling penence tomorrow. Cami

Roberta said...

The shop is really trucking right along! We ADORE that brand of Greek seasoning, too - we use it all the time for chicken with some melty butter and lemon juice. It's also really good in rice with some butter, too!

gaylen said...

Camilla glad to see that you have overcome your panic attack of the other day. The good thing about the store being so close to opening (ACK!) is that soon you'll be able to think about Dish Rag Tag! I'm rooting for you (although my team rocks!) g

Jaye said...

I assume the Polka dot wine was for me? Thanks!