Sunday, July 22, 2007

Frog gives Birth to Monkey

I had started these lacy Koigu socks for my mother-in-law way back at the end of April. They were supposed to be part of her mother's day present, and now it's her birthday, and they were still languishing on their needle. What's a girl to do? Frog. More frogging... and more frogging...
Frog complete.

Yep. No stranger to resurrecting fallen yarns for repurposed projects, these little lacy socks willingly submitted to the procedure and here can be seen, resting happily after a mere three pattern repeats. That Cookie A. is some kind of pattern-writing savant. I've never followed such a fun pattern before. Okay, I've never really followed any sort of pattern before... this is the first time I can ever recall just being willing to follow along and let the knitting happen. No second guessing the pattern, just enjoying the ride. And, yes, they are still planned as a gift for the MIL, but I'm casting on another pair as soon as I'm done with these.

See, I can follow directions. Frog gives birth to monkey. Monkey socks, that is. Love it. Knit it. Wear it. Cami
p.s. no spoiler talk here, but the book got here yesterday around two p.m., and with many interruptions, I finished it at midnight. You read, I'll wait here. C


Stephanie said...

Yours aren't ugly monkeys! They look good!!! The grass is always greener....I hated the way my yarn was striping for the first 4-5 repeats as well. It took my hubby looking at them and saying "Those stripes look really cool!" for me to take a different look at them and decide I liked them. I have 2 other Yarn Pirate wanna do a trade?

melly~ said...

YOU knitting cuff DOWN socks?! It's the end of the world as we know it.
Hey Cami - can I borrow your HP book?!
Latah nittah.

gaylen said...

I like the looks of your monkey. I don't like how mine are all pooling after the heel and instep - but I've almost finished the first one. Don't seem to be making much progress on anything lately!!!

Dragonfly said...

I've been thinking of frogging the blue sock. It's a love/hate... on the one hand, it's my very first sock and I hate to frog it, but on the other hand it's a useless sock and there is beautiful yarn in it. Seeing you do it makes me feel better about the idea.

KnittingMoose said...

Holey moley, you read the ENTIRE book already? My DH is reading our copy first, then I get it. He's cruising along, about 3/4 of the way through. But man, you're quick!