Thursday, July 5, 2007

I have paint in my hair...

and a few other places, too. Today Kathy came to the shop, to 'watch the kids', which I took to mean 'help you paint'... so I handed her the tiny roller gizmo and away we went. All the bead board Kenny I ('cuz there's two now, 'member?) had up is now coated in not one, but two chalky white coats of primer. Somehow I have to get all five kids up and at 'em tomorrow morning, buy paint rollers (fat, squishy ones) and be prepared to do this again.

This is Bette, everybody. I am not so agile, so energetic, or so inclined to get on a ladder myself. I did make a few attempts to paint whilst standing on the ladder later in the day, but only because Bette is a nurse, and has already proven herself capable of saving my life before. She would never let me perish, so, yeah, I climbed that ladder... did I mention the TWELVE foot ceilings in this place? Ugh.

Here is Kathy, who did *not* want to be photographed. I snuck up all stealthy-like and got her anyway, just so you don't think I'm being assisted by only my imaginary friends. How much would that suck, to be *this close* to opening the shop, to find myself in a really tight coat in a super cozy room. Hmmm, okay, so that isn't the worst thing that could happen. Gotta do it again tomorrow; hope everyone out there has a fabulous Friday... I will just have more paint in my hair. Cami


melly~ said...

so what, that means if I want to help you paint, i gotta do my hair and make-up first?!
Damn I hate to get my picture taken but I'll be there tomorrow with bells on.

camillaknits said...

thank you, sweet lady! I'm buying more painting tools... it shouldn't take too long tomorow. *smoochy air kiss* ratchetjaws

Annalea said...

It's great to see the shop coming along. Isn't it almost dream-like, as you're watching something you've planned and schemed and, well, dreamed about, coming to life? I remember that feeling so well as we designed and built a house once. It was amazing.

Love the colors . . . can't wait to see the finished product. Hang in there! (And be sure to have all of the windows and doors open and fans running so you and your kiddos don't end up sick from the fumes!

Dragonfly said...

The shop is looking great, your imaginary and real friends are doing a great job!