Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random blatherings

The Husband gets home in an hour, I'm trapped, waiting on the laundry to regurgitate my 'painting togs', and the children are all in from the merciless humidity and are grazing and debating which flick to watch. Ahhh, summer. Later, when it's cooled down a bit (say, eight-ish?) the bugs will be out in droves, so that to be outside is to be heavy into the 'blood donation' thing, but with the added benefit of brown bats swooping past your head. Smart little creatures... knowing to hunt the juicy ones what just et.

I'm in the midst of a major de-stashing, and some of my fellow bloggers are going to be mightily startled by what the postman is carting their way. I hope I do not offend anyone by the offerings. Just stuff I am forced to liberate from the depths of my (currently still over-crowded) "craft room". What a pretty, clever euphemism for "stash-sucking-hole"... Now, if I just had some quilters who were licking their chops for some free fabric...

Evidently the lure of a sunny day was too much for the kids. They are back out there, knee-high in the grass, with the 'baby' (now two, but he's still the baby) doing his best to keep up. The tree fort is base, from what I can make out, and there seems to be a rotation for who is allowed off the fort. Looks like 'Hogan's Heros' from here. Guess that'd make me Klink?

(brief laundry interuption)

Note to spouse: You simply *must* stop/cease/quit rolling your black dress socks into the gob of undershirt/underwear that you insist on balling up and tossing into the hamper like a little laundry bomb. I just did a bleached load, and your socks are looking a little rough. I can no longer be trusted to undo all the stupid crazy you lob at me. I love you, and you're cute and all, but dammit, man, quit the subterfuge. Now. (End mini-rant.)

I've decided to stop posting pics of future Monkey socks, but instead will try to post a pair a month. If the heavens will allow, this should give me time to keep a Monkey going all the time, and still have time for other knitting goodness... like the washcloths Janice is collecting for the sex-workers of Vancouver. A good, yet strange cause, but I know from personal experience, that when you're so down and out there doesn't seem to be any air left to breathe, a little thing like a cloth to bathe with can seem like a gift. She has an address posted to mail them to. Just scroll down to hunt it.

Well, everyone has returned, and evidently they require more feeding. Huh. Who knew popsicles weren't filling? (yeah, I tried to warn them...) Little man needs a dipe-change now, and laundry-foiling spouse has just called en-route to home... type at y'all later. Cami


melly~ said...

craft room clean out? I -am- bringing the truck down Monday. Fabric you say??
Who's your best bitch, Cami?

Stephanie said... tell a bit more about the washclothes. I might be interested in making a few. Sounds like a cause I could help. I know....there is dulaan and red scarf but this sounds totally tell!

gaylen said...

Cami - I'd be more than happy to take fabric off your hands - I use quilting cottons all the time for clothing. I refused to be sucked over the dark side of quilting! I can't sew a straight line, and no matter how many time I measure - the cutting is always wrong! Give me a pattern any day. g

Annalea said...

I'm having a hard time seeing how anyone could be offended by having the mailman show up at their door with a surprise. At worst, it's yarn for the thrift store, so (as Yarn Harlot put it) the young mother with a 4-year-old wearing an expertly cabled puce polyester cardigan can hit the jackpot. Yarn that won't be loved at it's destination will find it's way to somewhere it's needed. ;o)

Besides, you reap what you sow, knittah dear . . . and generosity always comes back when you need it.

I think I might just go knit a washcloth . . . . I've had times when breathing didn't seem worth the effort, and it's not somewhere anyone should be. Thanks.

Dragonfly said...

Offended by gifts carried via the postman? who in their right textile mind would be offended?? Instead I'm going "ooh, I hope I'm one!"

btw, totally understand the rolled up laundry. Son has bad habit of tying long sleeves together into a big knot that, after washing, will never be wrinkle-free in this lifetime! apparently they are easier to carry home from school that way in the weird days with cold mornings and warm afternoons.

Mel & Jerry said...

Hi, Cami! It was great to meet you Saturday! I can't wait for your store to open. I'll be by often! :)

Melissa (or Kim) from Kira's Cottage.