Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guaranteed Delivery

I don't know. Do we believe this about Amazon? Really? I'll have book seven in my hands before the day is through? Certainly I am hopeful, but I've decided not to hold my breath. It's uncomfortable and I always bash my head on something when I pass out.

Yesterday Naomi and an abbreviated crew (just three of her brood) came and painted in the shop. It makes the work go quick, having extra sets of willing hands to wield brushes. Things are looking more finished, except for the whole needing new carpet thing, which I hope to take care of this coming week. Big dilemma there, though I think I'll use the small local company, rather than big box construction store. The dilemma is with the bigger company I can get one year same as cash, on my handy-dandy store credit card. Small, local company only offers 90 days interest-free. Then again, it's only the front three rooms of the shop... about a thousand square feet... but, then again, I have a lot of stock to pay for. A free pass for a few more months on payments would be a nice option, since this is all happening without a business loan. Gah.

Today I'm knitting on the second 'Darla Dimple' sock. They didn't start their life with that name, but grew into it happenstance. It's the first time I've knit the cotton-blend Opal sock yarn, in one of the 'Hundertwasser' colorways, and I'm not hating it anymore. I despise the nasty Boye needles I'm using, but the Brittany size 0 birch needles snapped like toothpicks, and even my beloved Crystal Palace dpns were suffering under the cruel reign of cotton. I bent them horribly, as I am a vain knitter, and tend to cram as many stitches into an inch as humanly possible. The Boye needles are cheap, tough, slippery with the cotton, and very effective in this particular instance. I will not ever repeat that statement, nor will I ever again admit to using Boye needles, but there... you have me on record this once as saying I've touched them. But only because of the cotton. I'm running back to the woolly Opal as soon as the 'Dimples' are done. We won't speak of this again.

Next up: the monkey socks. I have wanted to make them for months now, and have a willing accomplice on the west coast who is knitting them also. She just kicked a staph infection's bum, and I, for one, am so relieved. It could have been so much worse. You rock the sock knitting, Stephanie... I'm pleased to have made your acquaintance. Later, all you knitters... who are all too engrossed in the book to even be reading this blog... Cami


gaylen said...

Cami - I'm knitting monkey's right now with the knit picks that you sent me for winning your contest! I'm doing the short version (because I like short socks) with the picot top as done by Cara of January One. I guess I should post updated knitting picks someday soon.

Glad to hear that the shop is coming along. I'm dreaming of yarn and great cotton prints for skirts, tops and dresses! You won't get me piecing, but I love using good quality quilting cottons for making clothing!!! g

Annalea said...

Actually, I won't be reading "the book". While some friends of ours stopped by on their way to the big city to pick up their copy at midnight, I have only touched a Harry Potter book once . . . and that was last week at my Mom's. "Hey, is this a Harry Potter book?" My little bro is reading it, and he's visiting from college on his way to an accounting internship. ;o)

Have you tried wheeling & dealing with the local shop? If you express to them that you really wan to support local business, but you really need a year interest free, they may be willing to work with you.

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! I am in the same worried Amazon boat as you. We went to some release parties last night with friends because they hadn't preordered the book. But I wasn't about to buy another one!! Besides...I don't get to read it until my daughter does so I have a few days :o)

I desperately want to get back to my Monkey! It's an easy and fun knit for sure. I'm glad you kicked my butt in that direction. I'll be knitting the hederas at some point too. I can see what at the hype about Cookie's patterns is about now :o) Love it! I can't wait to see your Monkey!(Hmm...that last statement sounds soooooo wrong somehow doesn't it?) :o)

Marigold said...

Amazon did get it delivered to my house :) I'm happy to get it, but, sorta sad that this is the last one :( And, I'm reading your blog, and not the book, b'cause I'm letting little sister read it first. (She's going to camp tomorrow, then I'll have the whole week to read!)