Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Sorry about the delay. It seems that one computer simply isn't going to be enough to keep Becher Haus functioning at the proper productivity levels, especially if one or more of the natives are going to hog air time reading this, or arguing whose turn it is to kill forest dwellers in their favorite on-line game.

In the meantime, there's been another bout of 'bathroom photography studio', and since I've been asked to clarify 'travel knitting', here is a pile of wool waiting to become something worthy of being artfully draped around my shoulders as we dash off to Seattle. Granted, that trip is still twenty-one weeks away, but as an Easily Distracted Knitter, I will require every minute of the next five months to Make It Happen.

Here is a ball that's destined for Miss G's stash. Her doggie-girl, Abby, is now the world's Most Expensive Pooch, and although we are all pleased that she's better, vet bills have siphoned off all of Gaylen's yarn budget. This will make a fetching pair of socks, and with her propensity to knit and re-knit sock yarn till it screams, I know she'll get good use of it.

Here I am, modeling my shoe find of the month. Soft, springy insoles, buttery leather, and an actual wood stacked heel, these shoes have me hunting down dresses. Yeah, I should have warned you. Hope you didn't smack your head on the computer desk in that dead faint I just put you in.

The past week at the shop was a good and busy one, and I just had to take a few days off blogging to reorganize my brain. There's been a run on Amy Butler sewing patterns, especially for 'Weekender' and 'Sophia' bags, so more have been ordered. Apparently I'm not the only one planning on running away from home. I'm off to knit some more on Miss Rob's second sock. It was supposed to be done Christmas Eve, but there was much tinking to do, and my frustration at not being able to keep track of two stinking yarn overs got the better of me. I'm in the home stretch now, though, but I'm very grateful she has smallish feet.
You go be crafty. I'll be back later. *mwah* C

A post-script: Monday night's WW weigh-in found me 4.4 lbs smaller this week, for a total of 40 big ones since I joined August 25th. That's what's fueling the shoe fetish. I'm no longer a prisoner of my hooves... they fit in normal shoes now. (Woo-hoo!)

(shoe info for the obsessed: Clark's Artisan shoes, style "Marilla", purchased locally at Von Maur, but try online. I got them super cheap in the sale room. Also, they appear to run a half size small, so buyer beware.)
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gaylen said...

Love the shoes. Tell me which dress you order - they were some good ones. I could get a matching dress in a different color. Not!

And way to go on the weight loss! I'm very envious. However, Friday morning will find me checking into fat church again. I've done this once, i can do it again. 21 weeks, huh? I'm ready. g

veedogknitter said...

CUTE shoes!! Your feets photograph so well!

Jaye said...

Good for you, darling! I am so proud! Love the shoes as well. Please share the manufacturer or website. Gorgeous ankles, to0. ;-)

Rachelle said...


Those are the best shoes I've ever seen! I LOVE them! Please, please, PLEASE, for the love of all that's holy, tell me where you got them!

Thimbleanna said...

HOLY CRAP I LOVE those shoes!!! Those might even drive ME back to dresses! They're awesome!

And, um, we're going to have to agree on a color or code outfit for you to wear the next time I see you, 'cause if there's 40 lbs. less of you, I'm not going to know you!!!

Dragonfly said...

Ok, totally cute shoes! Love them and covet them! Congrats on the weight too, that's wonderful!