Sunday, January 11, 2009

Objects of my desire

My lack of sew-ability is another targe4t (oh, look who's back with the advent of the prosthetic nails? My mutant 'e')for the year of living dangerously. I'm sure more than a few oaths and mumbled curses will be involved, though perhaps not as many as

these will entail. Broken needles, too. The 'Sophia' bag has been singing it's siren song ever since I first laid eyes on it. I'm not certain when I'll get up the nerve to start it, but that's always the hardest part for me... just beginning. Once I'm buried up to my eyes in a project, it's not so hard to gnash through it and get to the4 end (see, they just pop up everywhere...)

Here's anothe4r (I swear that's not on purpose!) pretty pin-cushion, made by Miss Laurel, who finally had her wee baby at Christmastime. Haven't gotten to meet him yet, but it's been miserable cold and loads of sickies milling about... better to keep little people indoors, clean and safe and warm.

I'm hoping to get a "real post" up a bit later. This was just some photo-fun for y'all. This is Second Sunday at the shop, so I'm going to go try and look busy with my knitting. Miss Rob's sequel-sock is now into the4 toe decreases... Woo-Hoo! Type at y'all knittas latah. C
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gaylen said...

Very pretty stuff there. I have that bag pattern but haven't started it yet either. Must add that to the list. g

melly~ said...

let's do a sew-along. want to?

veedogknitter said...

Wow, that is a cute pin cushion..much cuter than the dog one i made for Gaylen. It was my first sewing project. Bless Gaylens heart for not laughing too hard!
That bag pattern is too cute!! And for someone trying to work through (and not add to) her stash, the background fabrics just about did me in.

yzarc said...

Hey! Enjoyed catching up with your blog. We're into Twilight over here too! b =)

Cycling Knitter said...

oh I love Amy Butler
one of my todo things this year is to dust off the sewing machine!!
that pin cushion is fab!!

Jaye said...

Have a bag day where you get a friend to work on the bag with you. Much more fun and support is always good. Lovely pics, can I have one of those pears?