Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Angel

One of the perks of a good and plentiful snowfall is the abundance of pristine patches of flakes, just waiting for that brave soul to come and graffiti them up. As Melly exited the shop, knitting in hand, to head home for the day, her inner child threw her down in the snow to leave me with a snow angel...

Isn't she darling? I needed me a Melly-fix. Thanks, friend.

Another new friend came into the shop today. Everybody, this is Harrison. I got to hold him and sway him and pat him and cuddle him while his momma decompressed and shopped for yarn. It took him awhile to wake up enough to warrant being taken out of his pod, as I strictly adhere to the "never wake a sleeping baby" rule, but boy, was he nice when I finally got to hold him. Nearly five weeks old and just precious.

Some more precious, but not nearly as entertaining (or as cute!) as young Harrison, the 'Smooches, Pooches' sock sample has been cast on. Just like 'Air Kiss', but pinkish. Super fun to knit. I'm hoping it turns out just as nice as the other colorway did. I do love me some sock yarn.

New fabrics arrived today as well. A half-dozen bolts of 'Good Folks' by Anna Maria Horner. I had been very freaked out, because I couldn't remember what exactly I had ordered, but there seems to have been a method to my madness, and I have the same fabrics in both colorways. Sometimes I even amaze myself. Pics of the newest bolts tomorrow. Also, a rather substantial order of Kid Silk Haze has been placed, so expect some fuzzy fabulousness to follow in that vein, too. More later, knittas. C
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p.s. That Crocker Woman is amazing... now I can't hardly breathe when I sit down to my blog, what with The Edward looking all pale and gorgeous up top. The ultimate counter for our trip. I love you, Melly. I truly do.


Thimbleanna said...

Aaaccckkkk! LOOK at that awesome Melly -- MELLY YOU ROCK!!! It's so unfair that you live so far away, you two. How'dya like all that snow? I love it! I need a quilt shop -- that baby holding perk would SO do it for me!

veedogknitter said...

Oh, you gotta love someone who sees snow, and feels compelled to make a snow angel. I have a rule that i must make at least one each year. This years (made last week) was done in 3-4 feet of snow. I had to wait until the dogs had run far away from me, because they would ATTACK. It is not easy to get up from snow that deep, especially in snowshoes, and with two Vizslas ripping towards you at mach 1!!
Melly gets extra points though for doing it in public!!

Robin said...

I can't see Edward...what about anybody else.. pout..Is it just my #^%rap** settings on my confuser or does anyone else have this problem?
Melly bet you had a wet ride home my friend...I told my granddaughter to make me an angel in the snow on Wednesday - fond memories.
Peace&Love, Rob

Cycling Knitter said...

I am so loving that pink yarn!!
im yarnenvious!!

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.