Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vibrating Mascara is a 'Glamour Don't'

The Year of Living Dangerously has taken an unexpected side trip. What would normally have been a calm and uneventful performance of my morning ablutions turned, today, into Something More. Decidedly out of the normal scope of events, my day was turned on it's ear by the advent of the vibrating mascara wand.
What's that, you ask? It seems that Lancôme, in their quest to keep the world of beauty orbiting around pricey little bottles of potions and paints, has finally found a way to make the art of making up an Olympic sport. To say that I was enthralled with my find would be an understatement, to admit that I stood at the mirror, confounded by the humming of the wand is humbling. To be able to see this as I type it to you is a miracle. No actual eyes were harmed in the application of said vibrating mascara, but I need to re-read the application instructions, or get used to the idea of wearing 'Daisy Duck' eyelashes for the duration of the tube.

Not to change the subject, but this is a knitting blog, no matter how much I try to be contrary. Rob's socks are finished. Yes, they look smallish in the foot. She is smallish of foot. They are taller in the leg than I normally knit, but what with the smallish foot, I figured she would want her money's worth out of the yarn. Specs for this project are as follows:

Pattern: an altered 'Mockery' sock. 1x1 ribbing over 72 sts, ten rounds before beginning pattern rounds. A slip-stitch heel was enacted, as nothing is sadder than knitting a perfectly executed eye-of-partridge heel in hand painted yarn that totally obliterates the stitch definition. Yarn used was Shi Bui in 'pebble'. I am so over this yarn, but might love it in the semi-solids.

Next up: Finally finishing the two pair of toe-up, two-at-a-time socks that are on needles. Red's and #1 son's. Neither of them are smallish of foot, so this constitutes an enormous output of knitting energy. Mostly what I've been doing is pissing and moaning about how long feet can grow. But now I'm going to go commit to knitting on those ginormous stockings. Right now. I mean it. C
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Thimbleanna said...

Before you commit to knitting ginormous socks, you should commit to checking your e-mail. And we'll be expecting a show and tell of the vibrating mascara!

gaylen said...

Thanks for the "knits" on Camilla. And were you using the vibrating mascara when you took the photo? g

veedogknitter said...

ha ha...you are making up the vibrating mascara wand..i know you are.

Smiling warm feetz Rob said...

I know my socks are probably filled with bad karma - the one ball of yarn was jinxed! So I did a magic ridding (?) spell on them and they were on my feet the moment I got them. Fit perfectly and the warmest socks I've ever owned. Actually my FIRST ever hand-made (with curses)pair of socks! My BD is Saturday so this is my first present and I really, really love them! Thanks SO MUCH! Hopefully this year I can get out of this mind-fog and actually finish the pair I have started. Your the best, Always, ROB

Jaye said...

This means that you must have freed up some needles already? Good work!