Monday, January 12, 2009


So, it was pointedly stated earlier this evening that very few finished knits are seen here at 'Camillaknits', and, were it not for a slight camera snafu, I'd show you the 'finished, save for the toe-graft' pair of Miss Robin's socks.

I have decreed this to be the year to Get Everything Off Needles, and with a pile of sock yarn so big it's actually painful to look at it (which is why a goodly portion of it lives in the freezer), I have to finish two pairs for every new pair I start. Herr Becher came up with that particular torture. Damn Kraut. Sneaky, that one. But I can work through all of my startitis issues and possibly recoup some of my extensive 2mm, 40" circular stash as well. I have a fondness for addi turbos, and they are all sucked into service at the moment. Arrgh. Fine. I can do this. Playing the finishing up game. Pharmaceuticals may be called in, but what's my mantra?

"Better living through chemistry."

Hells yeah.

Stay tuned for follow up photos of socks. I will not be mocked by technology. The damn Nikon manual has to be here somewhere...


Thimbleanna said...

Damn Kraut. You Crack me up. I do worry about you though -- with the new administration, you're likely to be arrested! Get on that e-mail, stat! ;-)

veedogknitter said...

hmmm, let me guess. The "pointed statement" came from the Divine Miss G????