Thursday, January 15, 2009

Honest to Blog

It's the shizz, Homeskillet!

Great and exciting times are upon us. Friday will find a bloggy visit with the amazing Thimbleanna, right in the hamlet of Franklin. Pub crawling to commence at the end of the business day. You know you wanna. I'm not baking this time, as most of my pastries require more time than commitment, and this spur-of-the-moment gathering is all about the fun in being together, rather than the allure of watching how many calories I can cram down Other People's Throats. I know. Kinda rubs some of the shiney off, but I'm so 'cited I can't care. Besides, the Chinese place delivers, so what more can we need? I will be calling over to Emma's Bakery, just in case low blood sugar rears it's insulin-resistant head, though I tend to like light-headedness in my bloggy peeps. They giggle more that way.

Today took an unexpected twist. I have been asked to assist in a class at the college to teach knitting, under the supervision of a Sociology Professor. The very idea of all those bright minds to mold and shape into Possible Future Knitters has me gasping with delight. I get to stand in front of twenty-five heads full of mush and prattle on about knitting... it's a powerful thought. I will, undoubtedly, come across as the Resident Nutter, the students will probably flinch when I approach them with sticks in my hands, and all the while they will ponder and shake their heads at how sad the crazy little fat woman is, to be so excited about string. Ahh. Yes. I will try to be on My Best Behaviour (this usually is accomplished by also being on Xanax). Is it too much to hope for that none of them will run screaming from the room? Compressing all of my passion for knitting into a two and a half hour Sociology class is going to take some preparation. It's a good thing I don't need more than four hours of sleep a night, because I'm pretty certain this is going to keep me up for the next week. Much plotting and planning to do. Lots to consider. Anyone may feel free to comment on Things I Must Not Forget. We have till the 25th of this month, as the 26th is the Big Day.

Also, I need Jaye and Rachael to send me their mailing addys, as there are fabric bundles that need to go out in thanks for the quilt assistance they bestowed on my project. I need to harass Miss Laura, the long-arm quilter to take the tops and make them pretty and useful. Chipping away at the have-tos and must-dos is taking longer than I would have imagined, but I'm blaming the ridiculous cold snap. My brain can only go so fast in zero-degree weather.

Blurry pics of pub crawling tomorrow. The camera and I still aren't on speaking terms. I think it's been playing with my vibrating mascara. Damnable technology seems to be kicking my arse. C


LeAnn said...

So I left you a note about this like 3 weeks ago and we had a little confab 'bout it too. Did said Prof. just come in to check if you'd be interested? Any way I'm thrilled to see that you are going to do it. Will you be useing power point? Don't ask me... I only know the word not the how to! Will we have to call you Professor? Definition in part- One who openly declares his/her sentiments.... I guess the tag fits just perfect! Just think new knitters just waiting to be hatched. They won't know what hit them!

veedogknitter said...

mmmm, chinese food. Yum. I SO wish i was in that Sociology class. i would be the freak up front, totally nodding along in unison with everything you say.

gaylen said...

Hey Jess - maybe we should plan a get together. Cami said she would go to Chicago - it's close, but could you lose the houndies? g

Jaye said...

Why not put a huge to do list somewhere nice in the shop where everyone can see it? They will be able to see it and also HELP with all the tasks?

Re: knitting class: be sure to mention that knitting, after awhile, doesn't require all of your brain cells, so you can talk and think and study while knitting. One of the only true ways to multitask. Keep in my mind, I barely knit anymore and never made socks!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Crap Woman. Not sure what's in that homeskillet you peeps are keeping down there but I'm EXHAUSTED. I could barely keep awake to drive home today. Going to South Bend tomorrow and New Jersey on Monday -- then maybe I'll get back to this computer.

Thanks for the FAB time -- super, super fun! I can't open Rob's pics, so we'll have to work on it.

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