Friday, January 30, 2009

Scenes from a shelf

I'm just going to put these pics up here for your perusal. I thought I'd remember the whys and wherefores of ordering these fabrics, but it was months ago, and I'm pretty sure I just have a thing for those damn polka-dotted little birds. My head is a scary place to be, especially now that it's compiling lists of places to put said birds. I thought Brain and I could stop at pajama pants, but that was before I remembered seeing one of those nifty kitchen wall organizers, with pockets for all the gew-gaws and whatzits and wooden spoons and recipe/coupon messes. Well, I just don't think my life, or my kitchen, will be complete until I have one of those.

If I weren't so tired, I could prolly come up with some other use for this fabric that would be perfection itself, but then I remember that I've had some Amy Butler "Charm" fabrics stashed for... a longish time, and these aqua/brown prints would be lovely with the rest of the aqua/brown stash. I may have already tried to assemble the stashed fabrics into a quilt top, but, knowing me, I didn't get far, so adding these in won't pose too big a hassle. Procrastination has it's upside. Told you my head was a scary place to hang out; I had no idea Pollyanna had moved in till just now, or we both could've left earlier.

I'm going to hit the 'pre-post' (I'm so tired that doesn't even make sense, but it does make me giggle) function. Off to bed with me. You try and behave till I get back. Or Brain will put a spotty bird on you.
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gaylen said...

I love the blues at the bottom. You are a fabulous enabler. I have been totally thinking about ways to get people into the shop. The new Dorks in Forks countdown is something else. g

LeAnn said...

Great taste in all things! How is the new wrap? Is it big enough for a viewing yet?

Jaye said...

I love those fabrics in the top picture.