Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eclipse, interrupted

The progress on, oh, wait, I wasn't supposed to start any new projects yet. Okay. Disregard this sock-in-progress, since my clever attempt at a fair isle version of the "I heart Alice" heel flap became horribly distorted half-way through the 'heart' part. I will submit to Swiss darning the cutesy bits on afterwards, like the pattern specifies. I can play nice. It'll look better over the ankle anyway, rather than stuck on a flap heel, in a shoe.

Here is the sock I finished up yesterday, all washed and dried on the AGA. I love this yarn! The first bag (of eight!) is already spoken for and I've only been flashing this sock around for a few days, so that makes me verrrry happy.

The receipt printer is working again. I should actually not be allowed out in public without a "please speak slowly and avoid sudden movements" disclaimer on my forehead. After eightteen months of paper-changes, you'd think I'd be all down with the gadgets. Thankfully Mandi was paying attention to the diagrams. All that extra work, all that headache, all those cranky phone calls to Intuit trying to get 'technical assistance'. (slams head on desk)
Thermal paper. Not for stoopid peepul.

A big thank you to Melly for the 'Dorks in Forks' countdown calendar up top. I love that she sneaks over and puts all that weird sidebar stuff on my blog. I love that she is reading all the books just to appease me and my desire for all things 'Twilight'. I love that when I'm miserable crampy and need to whine I can text her that "somebody just butchered a chicken in my underpants" and she laughs at me instead of having my number blocked off her phone. I don't scare her one bit. I love my Melly. And, for today, peanut M&Ms are of the devil. Just so you know. WW weigh in tomorrow night. Knitting class at the college in the a.m. I hope I don't embarrass myself too bad...
Aw, hell. You know a really awful story is coming up for tomorrow, don't you? Yep. Stay tuned. C
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LeAnn said...

Hey, do you need your own roadie to carry all your yarn, needles and gadgets? Pick me! Inside my brain scenes from Welcome Back Kotter are playing! Who knew what was instore for Vinnie. I'm back now.
They are going to love you! Cute & hip the new image that knitting needs.

Thimbleanna said...

You guys are cracking me up with this Dorks in Forks thingy. I'm liking these new socks -- must see more. And, um, when will the new custom colorway be in???

Marigold said...

All the "Air Kiss" is spoken for already? Awwww! I wanted some, and I knew I should have said something earlier :( can you order more?

gaylen said...

Okay - I know you are back around a computer because I got a comment. Where's the update? How did it go? My phone hasn't rung - you are in big trouble girly. g

Stephanie said...

I can't wait until you Dorks head over here to Forks :) I can't wait to have coffee with my evil twin!! (Should we all go to the original Starbucks down at Pike Place Market on the waterfront??? :)

Plenty of time to plan a meet up when you guys head in my direction!