Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm having a "Darla Dimple" day

Above you will notice a sock, in Opal 'Hundertwasser' wool-cotton blend, part of my haul when we went to Milwaukee last month. I started it for one of the kids, 68 sts, 2mm needles, just yesterday, and I feel like I'm making pretty fair progress. I was using the wee Brittany needles, though they do threaten to break often enough (I know I'm a tight knitter), so I was just hanging loose with them, keeping it easy-peasey. (cue phone ringing) To make this shorter, I'll just play you the highlights from MY end of the call:
"Oh, hi Rhonda", "Did you take the yarn into the house or load it straight into the car?", "Wool of the Andes for a what-bag?" "But I'm your squatty sidekick!"
I was instantly reminded of a cartoon character in the movie "CatsDon't Dance", which had just recently been watched here at Becher Haus... the tiny cherub of a child star, freakishly attached to her 'public persona' even though she's pure evil. I instantly fired off an e-mail to those pattern writers at Knitting Daily, to inform them that they may have tried to win my pal over with their fancy little handbag pattern, oh yes, they may even lure her down the road to more fulled wool lovelies, but, and I can't stress this enough, I'm still cuter. Hence the move to metal dpns, which I can't even explain owning, but they sure are handy when you're in the throes of a teeth-clenching, eye-twitching, needle-snapping, 'Darla Dimple' day.


Dragonfly said...

I've seen those squatty sidekicks, they are cute!

What's dish rag tag?

camillaknits said...

yarnmiracle had an announcement on her blog the day I stumbled upon her. I signed up and was shocked I got in. They closed enrollment right afterwards, sorry I didn't have time to alert everybody. y'all will still cheer me on, though, right? I'm making mine a flower, pink and orange... pure Clementine! Cami

LotusKnits said...

I like those sock colors!!! Awesome and fun!