Monday, December 10, 2007

The boob hats

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Not hats for boobs, but boob hats, as per my Crazy Aunt in Alabama's instructions. She's currently up in Iowa, taking care of my fruit-loopy Grandma, and was in need of some hilarity with her warm head covering. The other one is for Cousin Rachael. They like to wear them to the grocery store, where they both spend long moments looking at things on high shelves, whilst standing side-by-side. The plan they've concocted is to be "shocked and appalled" should anyone point out they have tits on their heads. This sick sense of humor is family wide, and will only get worse the closer my aunt comes to me, geographically speaking.

In other news, I dropped off my dead Viking today at the Sewing Center. Hopefully he'll make a full and speedy recovery, but I have two quilt tops to piece, both pineapple quilts, and as I'm sure Jaye would agree, you just don't swap machines mid-pineapple. Arrgh. If I'd planned to purchase a new machine, I'd be all 'researched up' and ready to make a commitment, but there is so much technology out there ... I feel rather like a dinosaur already. All I need is my 1/4 inch piecing foot, a short, straight stitch, and an uninterrupted hour or two and it'd be done. I've been having nightmares where Amy Butler comes into the shop and lazy me doesn't have any quilts made up in her fabrics. Perfect time for a two year old's natural destructive abilities to kick in.

Happier news: I made buttered rum mix. And Steph, I can't tell you what bitters are, but they smell delicious. Kind of like bay leaves, and spices, and citrus oils. Very pungent, and very concentrated. I think a moderate drinker could go a year or so on one tiny bottle of bitters, but it's the sort of thing you start dripping into everything once you've got them... like an exotic extract. I'm thinking of using them instead of vanilla in the next batch of molasses cookies...mmmm.

Well, off to have a rummy tummy-warmer. hope everyone is happy and well. I hear Eli is now awake and grouchy, but I'm pretty sure I won't care after a mug of buttery-rum goodness. Take care, y'all. Cami


knitter in the desert said...

Oh a dead sewing machine....Mom is always forlorn when hers goes....and she finally had to get a new one

Dragonfly said...

I got a big giggle out of the boob hats!!

we are looking forward to visiting!!

SuzyQ said...

You will have to share the pattern you used for the boob hats. They are great! Unfortunately I am still working on scarfs (I am a beginner) and I got myself into trouble by telling people I know that I can knit and now I have 3 scarves on back order -lol! But I am hoping to get to hats and things soon!

gaylen said...

I'm so sorry your dear Viking died. I'd mail you mine, since I can't currently use it - but it's over my weight limit :)

I love those hats! I can just picture your Aunts at the grocery, staring up, watching for an innocent bystander out of the corner of their eyes to stumble by and gasp! The visual - you know, laughing hurts right now! g

Anonymous said...

ok, not that I don't love the boobs, but could you please post something new? I'm getting a little sick of looking at them. :oÞ
heh heh

Jaye said...

I have been thinking of buying a new machine. Now that the Pineapple blocks want something that I, apparently, can't give them it isn't so crazy. I should think twice aobut turning the old geezer machine in, though, if I have any hope of ever finishing the project. I guess I have to since everyone mentions it on all of their blogs, which I adore make me feel famous! ;-)