Thursday, December 27, 2007

Over here

Yes, I fell off the blogging wagon again. Didn't mean to, but Santypants got a wee bit behind in the shopping department, and although the kids did not implode when they saw their unwrapped gifts, there was a sense of disappointment. Next year I will have gift bags sewn up, and all the shopping will be done by Thanksgiving. No exceptions. I don't have access to the kind of drugs "last minute holiday shopping" requires, and even if I did, who'd drive me home from the mall? Planning ahead for next year, Clementine be damned.

I got a package from our west-coast stuntstitcher. She is hopefully feeling better. The box of goodies got here Christmas eve. Tiny, perfect skirts, a too-cute bag made in the "Chocolate Lollipops" fabrics, and needle rolls. And the best snowman I've seen in ages. He looks like he's built of a stack of marshmallows, but not like those s'mores snowmen... this guy is elegant. He's also currently hanging from the chandelier over my dining table, so perhaps he's also a bit of a tippler... Many thanks to the fabulous Miss G for her supreme stitching antics. (And all while recovering from surgery. She rocks.)

There is a blogger coming here for the new year. Acutually, there are two headed my way. This is what kind of crazy knitting and knitters can do. Hopefully, they will both have a fine time here in Indiana, and there will be pictures to follow. If you are in the area, Sunday is when we'll be having our "big blog meet" at the shop, so if you'd like to come say hi, or see if Melly and Redrhonda are real girls, or meet the knitter I accosted in a Milwaukee-area bookstore, then come on in, for pete's sake. We'd love to see you. Of course, the addy is 66 S. Water St., in Franklin, Indiana. I will be spending the next two days making sure nothing too scary or stinky resides in my upstairs bathroom, as I don't get to entertain houseguests often, and it gets to be sloppy/messy/gross in the upper regions of our abode. Rubber gloves will be called into service. I'm excited to see Miss V again, and meet her son and sister. Okay, I've got to dash outta here. Type at y'all latah, darlin's. C


Stephanie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has dropped out during the holidays. I have felt so unbloggy. I have forced a few out there...but ugh.

Dragonfly said...

Oh, trust me, not much scares us and I can't wait to see my crazy bookstore knitting lady again!

Jaye said...

Glad you put the address of the store up. My biz partner will come and check it out next time she goes to visit her dad in IN.