Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Price-fixing, anti-capitalism, and Lantern Moon

Well, it was a disappointing phone call, as I tried to get things all arranged. Sadly, a sneaky bastard (yes, I realize companies google themselves. Now.) got involved and now my 'opening order' will never, ever be happening. Yes, gentle reader, I have been blackballed from purchasing lovely Lantern Moon products for the shop. As a teeny, tiny business, in an eensy-weensy space, in the little hamlet of Franklin, Indiana, this is probably not a crushing blow. Nor am I surprised. Some of you (from as far away as Australia!) say you don't understand how needlework shops have such a hard time getting in basic supplies, and this is why. In this case, I'm guessing it was a combination of factors, because I know the operators of Lantern Moon do not read this blog, but instead had a little tattle-tale drag them to it, and my offering up products at wholesale to get the opening order out of the way evidently harshed their mellow. You know the movie "Office Space"? It was like I was stuck on the phone with Lundberg... 'Ummm, yeah (pause) we aren't going to sell to you because (pause) it isn't fair to other retailers (pause) ,hmmmm, for you to offer cheaper prices than they do.'

This of course opens the door on price-fixing, which cannot be defended. If I choose to sell something at less of a mark-up, because a company inflates their prices and has an elitist attitude, should that company be supported by the knitting community at large? I'd love to have the products in store, but the truth is most people won't plunk down full price for "beautiful and handcrafted products" (their words) and how better to support "socially and globally conscious living" (again, their words) than by PUTTING MORE PRODUCT OUT THERE? I guess the starving women in Vietnam don't need to make more things to sell in Indiana, because I wasn't willing to rape you all on price. Apparently Lantern Moon is, though, so you shouldn't be distraught. My apologies to all those who were so willing to help a struggling shop-owner out.

On a happier note, the happy chaos quilt class keeps growing. I can not wait to see the pretties that come out of our workshop. I'm shooting for a January 5th/6th and 19th/20th set of classes, and the modern quilt wrap kal in the kidsilk crack will hopefully follow soon. I'm offering alternate colorways, because the light blue is light blah to moi, so a deeper blue and the blackberry color will be available for substitution. I think the 'jelly' color is mandatory, though. We could all use a bit more chartreuse in our lives. Au revoir, mes tricoteurs.


Dragonfly said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Lantern Moon, that really sucks. I would think they would welcome sales that brought people to you and to them.

The quilting class sounds good though!

Tam said...

Don't feel bad. Their needles are crap anyway. Yes, I said LANTERN MOON NEEDLES ARE CRAP!!! Google that, SCUMBAGS. I've used their doublepoints and they break every ten seconds. Yes, they replace them but it's a PITA to have to return a needle or two for every pair of socks I knit. I'll take my cheapo knitpicks harmony wood needles anytime. Did you say something about seeing if you could carry those? I'd pay for those, even marked up.

LotusKnits said...

eh, there are other things. i'd rather have addis, or even better, knit picks. i gave away all my LM needles cause i only use circs now. :D

Stephanie said...

Well that just sucks ass...if you don't mind me saying. I have never used any of their needles because I could never justify spending as much as a skein of sock yarn on the needles when I whole heartedly love the el cheapos from Knit Picks. Screw them. You don't need 'em anyway.

Robin said...

Boy, that's did they find that out - I'm not quite understanding that one. Talk about telling you how to run your business. Not a big's just STUFF... right Cami?
I vote for the Knit Picks also!
Lantern Moon's "beautiful needles" must come with a lot of baggage, hmmmm.

sara said...

I couldn’t agree more. I love your Office Space reference that’s such a great movie. I can’t believe yarn stores charge such inflated prices. I’m toying with the idea of opening a truly non-profit yarn shop. I’m still working out the logistics and would love some feedback on it.