Monday, December 17, 2007

Good morning, Jolly Roger

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This is the "down side" of homeschooling our children. They get creative little urges and sneak down in the night and leave magneted 'messages' for the 'rents (that'd be "Boris" and moi). Don't get me wrong... I love that my kids think of this stuff all on their own. It's just a bit too startling at four in the morning, when I'm up making the man his morning joe. That isn't usual behavior for me, btw. Normally I'm smart and prep the coffee maker for it's duties before bed, except now we're trying a new tactic for coping with my seasonal depression/anxiety. It's called getting more sleep, and evidently it works, because I slept from 9 p to nearly 3 a, and by 3:30 was out of bed, cleaning up the kitchen, and settling in with my knitting. I expect to finish the LotusYarn sock today, unless those devil-spawn children of mine talk pretty at me and I take them into Indy to the Children's Museum. My parental units came through with a year's pass as a Christmas gift, and as Bill/Boris hates going there, it's all on me. I know I drive till I see a dinosaur crashing out of a building, but as for parking, etc., I still have some research to do. The Chihuly blown glass installment is something I've been dying to see. Yes. Glass. In the Children's Museum. I wouldn't consider it a swell plan, either, but hey, we have a season pass. Let's give ol' Lucifer, oops, I meant Eli a chance. Worst case scenario is I have to pull out my Jackie O shades and pretend he's the neighbor's kid when the news trucks pull up outside the doors.

I have a great many plans sketched out for the shop, post-holiday. A series of patchworking workshops ala 'Material Obsession' (those Aussie chicks are amazing and, oooh, I just want to squeeze them and love them, and pet them...oh,um, sorry. My inner-Elmira got a little excited just now.) and a new Camp Wannamaikasaukee using sport weight yarn (Gems, of course) and a seamless sweater class, along with a lightweight summer wrap kal. Now I just need my geeking genius, Melly, to produce a reproducible master copy to be distributed around the hamlet of Franklin. Also required is that web site. I'm making up a series of boards for how I want the pages to look, but the getting there from here is what's causing my brain to freeze up. Ack! Deep, even breaths... and a few more... okay. Better. Now, I'm off to wake all the monsters, scrub them clean and put them into dryer-warmed clothes. Have a pleasant day, all you crafty mamas (and daddy-Os, just in case any of my readers are testicle-laden.) Latah, knittas


Marigold said...

I wonder if it was all your kids, or an individual child, who thought that one up?

The Chihuly glass is GORGEOUS! and don't worry, the kids can't actually touch the glass sculpture, but there is plastic pieces that _look_ like the glass that they can play with. We haven't been down there in a while...I'm thinking about a membership, but we need to renew our zoo membership, too. Oh, and they have a lunch room where you can take your lunch along to eat, as opposed to paying out the nose for their cafeteria pizza.

I've been meaning to suggest, what would you think of a kid's knitting class? Or a regularly scheduled time for kids to come in and knit? I'd be willing to supervise, well, except for whenever the baby is born. I think my sister would knit more if she could do it around other kids, and there was someone else in the Panera's group that had a girl who knitted...

sorry, i wrote you a letter! Have a good day! Drive safe!

Stephanie said...

Chihuly's work is everywhere around here. Not surprising since...he's from here! My brother use to work just a few blocks from his studio. His work is amazing..and sometimes just freakin' weird to look at!!! I love the anenome looking tentacles that he puts in everything.

Good luck!