Monday, December 17, 2007

Not Exactly As Planned

Well, actually that would be the understatement of my week. Just moments after hitting the publish button, and calling That Crocker Woman to check her plans for the day, number one daughter came out of the shower with a hideous rash all over her neck and shoulders. Then, just as I'm debating whether we should dash off to the dermatologists' office or go play at the museum, I think to check if our doc is in... not till tomorrow. Groovy baby. We're headed to town... just as soon as I print off the directions. Then I think to click the 'hours' button, and whadaya know? They are closed Mondays from September through February. How bloody convenient for them. So tomorrow will be jam-packed: doctor visit, museum, knit night. Today was just a weird stay-in-pajamas day. I mean, I did shower, but climbed right back into my still-warm jammies, went back to my glider rocker and heating pad, and resumed the first "Thousand Hours" sock. It did some wild, tiger stripey, swirly stuff, but I love that about hand painted yarn. That serendipity is the whole point of knitting it, for me anyway. Oh, and the colors. Lotusknitter's colors are divine. I'll show you the socks when I have a pair. Starting second sock tomorrow. Not trying to be a tease, but the camera battery wants charging, it's pitch dark in here aside from the monitor light, and my medicine kicked in a few minutes ago, just in case you were wondering how Clementine got let loose. Her grammer isn't better than mine, she just seems sexier because she's slurring. Have a good night, all you festive crafty peeps out there. Kisses, sweeties... and save me a bite of the door! C

p.s. Blogger is still shutting me out of comments, Melissa, so I think you'd better just get busy and show me the sweater. All that flogging and public humiliation you put this old bag through, I think I deserve to see some knitting, dammit. I have my own blasted ice to look at. p.p.s. The cat is still smacking her head against the window at the Titmice. (Titmouses?) Anyway, she's in for a rough day tomorrow, when they bring all their feathered buddies to the feeder. I feel like I should put a helmet on her.


Jaye said...

Have you tried clearing out your cookies and temp files? It might make Blogger feel better. ;-)

Dragonfly said...

I have Thousand Hours too, I can't wait to work with it.

Did you find out what was up with the rash? (I'm known as Queen of Hives so I've reacted to just about everything)