Sunday, December 2, 2007

Indiana never disappoints

It's near freezing outside, though with some drizzly rain this morning. Much better than yesterday's sleet, which made the "Christmas Lights Parade" in the hamlet of Franklin ever so much fun. I heard the marching band, the kids and I dashed outside the shop's doors, and all we caught were some horse's asses. Morgans, I think. Then I realized I had ice in my hair and that was the end of our parade fun. Obviously there are Mensa members in charge of Franklin's festival planning, as the previous evening we had a luminary walk around town from 6-9 pm. A perfect time to snap on those holiday lights, don't you think? Today promises to be cold and dreary. I'll be getting those Lantern Moons orders organized and sitting with a pile of yarn swatches in my lap. I have another pair of socks nearly finished, and the monkeys are done, washed and drying on the AGA as I type this. I do have to get all the kids ready for 'work' so I'll type at y'all later. Stay warm. Cami

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Tracey said...

Hey, another Hoosier. I'm in NW Indiana enjoying a cold windy night.