Sunday, December 9, 2007

That Crocker Woman

I think I have the most brilliant friends ever and not just because they like me. See what the rockin' cool betty, Melly Gail put over there, in my sidebar? Go on, just slide your eyeballs over to the right... isn't she something, That Crocker Woman? The bitchy girl image is something 'Boris' swiped from somewhere, and it's been languishing in a flickr-file. As it sums me up so perfectly, I just had to have it, but if it's some one's call sign, leave me a comment and I'll have Marvelous Melly the wonder-geek take it down. She changed my mail and everything yesterday, and knows all the deep secrets to pirate my blog. She also found a photo card reader-ma-jiggie built right into my laptop (I, of course, had NO idea it was there) and so, if I blog from the shop, should be able to put photos back into my posts. Yay, Melly.

I started another pair of socks last night, and have finally come to the realization that I'm going to have to finish some short-row heels to recoup all of my 40" addi needles for two-at-a-time, toe-ups. I'm stuck having to magic loop one sock at a time, which, let's face it, does NOT have the same Olympic knitting appeal as finishing a pair all at once. This is my punishment, though, for not actually finishing all the pairs I have going on all my long needles. The yarn is Opal, it stripes solid red and cream/black fair isle, and the novelty of the striping pattern wore off after about two inches. Today I'm getting back to the gorgeous LotusYarn "a Thousand Hours", with it's swirls of blueberry, plum, caramel, and cream. I'm readjusting the stitch count, because the yarn is cushy and accommodating. I may only need 68 sts around the foot, and I might try a shaped instep this time. I just need to get them done. Shop sample *cough* , you know.

Well, someone in this house has pooped his pants, so I'm going to midget-toss him into the shower and get everyone else to dress and put away their laundry. It's Sunday. I like to start the week off with empty laundry baskets. Keeps the mice from building nests in their clothes. When we get into town, I'm going to try and post a pic of the striped socks I made Lilly, which she has worn every day since I finished them. Tonight I'll probably have to sneak them off her feet to give 'em a sink-bath. Ha. Your brain read stink-bath, too, didn't it? Hope everyone (two legs, or four) is doing well. Behave yourselves out there today. Latah, muh knittas.


melly~ said...

Jeez...I'm about to have NO secrets! My middle name for christsakes? -shaking head- (hope that little bit of code worked there and I really -am- a genius. heh

I forgot to tell you too - you can access that new email from home if you go and enter your email address and super secret password. Or just take your laptop. It's easier.

so enjoyed the day with you. looking forward to the next one already.

gaylen said...

I'm still insanely jealous that people live close and actually get to meet you and see the shop.

I'm slowly doing better (thanks for the shoutout)and my boy is doing fine except he has a neurotic mommy and a really bad haircut!! I'm having a hard time doing nothing and I want to sew - gosh darn it already. g

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camillaknits said...

Look! Blog Spam, and in spanish, too. Melly, can we fix this?

Boris said...

Let us be clear on one thing, The member of the household who did not hold it in was not me, I was not even home when this incident took place. Please endeavor to be specific when tossing about incriminating statements, I want to see names, and none of them mine.

LotusKnits said...

Har you have Spanish spam! Wonder if it tastes different?

Anyway, I like your little Crocker blurb at the top, it's perfect!


Dragonfly said...

yay, wonderful Melly! It's great to see a picture again! I love the bitchy slogan.

I just purchased the same colorway from Lotus! It looked yummy and I couldn't resist. Had to grab some before she becomes super mega swamped from being Harlotized!

Thinking spanish spam has chili peppers....