Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yeah, what she said

I suppose you all know by now that I take a fair amount of medication. You also know that I am not the most geeky of persons, and that I consume fair-sized blocks of other people's Melly's time asking them Melly to fix computer problems. This being said, it should come as no surprise that I did not know the photos I blog from flickr are available for all the world to see... that I could have told you to click the pretty picture and then you would've seen at least the five or so photos I'd uploaded to the flickr page. Well, duh, already. And yeah, I tried to get a good shot of Eli looking amazed at the tiny food in the miniature rooms exhibit, but it was dimly lit, and calm, and quite possibly the most restful corner of the museum, with the exception of the Anne Frank exhibit, but, quite honestly, there wasn't much room to sit down in there.

So, on tomorrow's agenda we are having a bit of holiday sugar fun at the shop, and I'm casting on a sock... the second sock of the LotusYarn, which I meant to do at knit night, but someone brought in a whole pond's worth of frogging, and so ripping commenced. I think she's all sorted out now, but will have to move onto smaller projects (are you paying attention, TC?) so our little knitting surgeries don't have to involve ten or more inches of searing painful ripping retrospectives. And I told you I was going to beat this little strike-out horse to death, (the divine miss M taught me another new trick) and I love it, but my medicine has kicked in now and I'm dizzy and sleepy and my hands smell really good and I want the "ticky-tacky boxes" song on my phone, because a yarn shop owner whose phone plays Weezer's "Undone" is just showing her friggen' age. My twentieth class reunion is coming up this next summer and I look like... not myself at eighteen, that's fo sho. Gotta address those little probs. Really just gotta get some sleep. That meeting today went for two hours, and I had to send the coffeehouse owner, the adorable Sus (with an oooh, as opposed to an aaah) to retrieve muh knittas and keep them warm in her shop while I hot-footed it back to Franklin. There is much to discuss, Grasshoppers, but tomorrow, when Melly will also be showing this ol' dog again how to use the laptop's photo card reader. Yeah, I used to be blonde, and some habits are just too hard to kick. Have a night,y'all.


Dragonfly said...

Just emailed you at yahoo and the new email addy. Email me or comment the blog if you don't get them. (and yes, sorry if it's tacky to communicate in comments!)

You are very lucky to have Melly. Now I'm off to click the pretty picture!

Dragonfly said...

ok, had to add... Eli looks so cute looking at the food! (and the art work is gorgeous)

Marigold said...

noooo...keep the Sweater Song! LOL! perfect for a knitter :)

Anonymous said...

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