Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Shocking Photo

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Thanks to WonderMelly, here is an actual photo, of actual socks, on actual feet... Lilly's, to be exact. They have been adored and worn, hard, for days. I finished them at knitting on Tuesday night. RedRhonda witnessed the finale, all but the grafting of the toe, which I was able to finish later in the evening (okay, possibly it was after midnight) and that makes this, by my count, the fifth day in a row that they've been on her pigs. I will be stripping them off for a scrub this evening. So, pick yourself up off the floor, and thank That Crocker Woman that, finally, we are photoless no more. Wa-hoo.


Dragonfly said...

Those are cute socks... and a picture again!!

Stephanie said...

Very nicely done! Finished socks? Those are an unheard of oddity around these parts.

gaylen said...

Yea a picture - we love That Crocker Woman! Those are some pretty darn cute socks. I hope she lets you wash them before they start walking on their own. g

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Pick yourself up off the floor is right! I fell out of my chair!!!! So excited to see pics again -- give us pics of the shop. You have a demanding public LOL!!! The socks look great!