Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year, y'all

I've been busy knitting and chatting with Dragonfly and her MojaveSis, since they've taken up residence around my table these past two days. As per my true "knitting missionary/knitting sensei" form, I have both women knitting toe-up socks, magic loop. What? You didn't think I'd miss a chance to tamper with the natural laws of knitting, did you? These are new sock knitters. D-fly has only knit one sock heel in her life, 'cuz we are not counting those cheater socks she did first... they are darling, but they are also tube socks. The Pollyanna in me (whom I try to choke stifle at every opportunity) was quick to point out the virtues of the heelless sock, such as the extended wear-ability due to shifting the "heel geography" around, but this benefit was cancelled out by the socks tendency to slide down in the shoe, resulting in unnecessary wadding and consequent mobility issues for the wearer. No sir, these gals will be either short-rowing their heels, or doing the widdershins heel off of knitty, which is still probably the most user-friendly upside-down pattern. I have to say they are both making me proud of them. They started last night after dinner (baked potato soup: yum) and already are to the arches of the foot. I will take photos of the pupa-stage stockings and try to get them up later today. For now, I must go to bed... the meds are kicking in nicely, and a huge windstorm is buffeting the house, which will make for most excellent sleeping weather. Have a safe and happy New Year, and may you stitch on with wild abandon in 2008. Rock it out, muh knittahs.

p.s. Melly, I still cannot post in your comments, which sucks, because I am so proud you came to the end of that chitin sock. And your toes don't even look crowded in there! Yay you.
p.p.s. Melly makes the best popcorn in the whole world. The bag is gone. I think my ankles have swelled from all the salt, but it was So Worth It. Thank you, friend.

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Dragonfly said...

We had an absolute blast down there. Was going to blog my own stuff tonight but too much to do when we got home.

Hope the kids don't get sick from son. Still can't believe he has strept (he's not acting sick at all, I asked the nurse "are you sure you mean my kid?")

Sis got her own Vick's here for the feet!