Monday, February 11, 2008


The kids hogged the computer today, as I was planted on the sofa knitting on the forever sock. Happily, I have only twelve rounds before I can begin the toe decreases. Sadly, my fingers are raw and I'm supposed to soak off my nails tomorrow for a new set. The socks need to be done before I leave the house in the morning. Did I mention that they are seventy-two stitches around? On 2mm needles? Or that chocolate was severely low until the man got home with provisions, around 2-ish? Not much good knitting to be had when the chocolates aren't handy. Ahh, well, I have to get back to the knitting black hole, which, strangely, seems to be at an ending... very soon, anyhow. Flesh still holding out on the left index finger, though my leather thimble is nowhere to be found. Cramp subsiding in the left hand, as well. Knitter's charley horse? It must have a proper name. Type at y'all later. C


Stephanie said...

I just cast on for some hubby socks. 72 stitches around on size 1's. (What are those in mm?) I am not doing a pattern though...just plain ol' stockinette since it's a self patterning yarn. Woohoo. I'm all for the easy these days :)

Thimbleanna said...

Knitter's Charlie Horse??? It's a Knitter's Knot!