Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Post 199

The socks are done. I finished the toe decreases at 2:37 a.m. and decided to hold off on the grafting until I'd had a bit of sleep. I sat in a terribly comfy styling chair after Erin finished my cut and carefully (and perfectly) Kitchnered the toes closed. After the ends were all darned in, the socks danced over to her. Turns out, purple is her favorite color. She'd seen the first sock and fell in love. Can you imagine the karmic reprecussions if I'd stood in the way of that love? Plus, she has made noises about bringing her pal, Liz, to knit, and possibly learning herself. And that's the way we do it. Luring people to the dark side, one sock at a time. Heh, heh.

Hair is cute. Mani and pedi are very pink and very fresh for Valentine's Day. I allowed myself the privilage of donning flip-flops in an ice storm, just for the sake of cuteness. I even put on matching lipstick when it appeared the roads mightn't be too safe for the homeward journey. Just so the EMTs first on the scene could appreciate my cuteness, in the event they had to make a morgue-call to come get me. But, I got home safely, and even (because of wearing my flip-flops home) had a Dansko clog available to pound open the mailbox from it's 1/4" ice-prison to retrieve the mail. Which brings me to the Boden USA catalog and these shoes with this dress, both in red. I've decided to buy myself something pretty every ten pounds lost, and eventually (perhaps with the aid of lycra/spandex) I'll be dressed to thrill myself. Boden rocks... they have super-fab kids clothes and man-wear, too. *Love* them. Gotta go now... my knitting needles are restless. Latah. C

eta: My darling has pointed out that this technically only counts as post number 189 (because he's a math brain, and kind of a pain that way), due to deleted materials, false starts, "blogger-swallows", etc. Still, when I sign in, the blog told me it was post 199. My title stands.


Stephanie said...

I love that dress. Ilike looking through the Boden kids for ideas. I don't know if I'd buy their stuff for these guys...but appliqueing trucks and dinos is something I can do at home!

And yes...turning each and every knitter into an obsessed sock knitter is the goal of every good sock knitter isn't it? I know it's mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAA!!! (now you know where Jaiden get's his soul sucking from :)

Thimbleanna said...

You're a sick woman Cami. Bust out that camera and take a pic of the new pedi in flip flops on the ice!

Dragonfly said...

I'm in total love with those shoes! I have no reason to buy them, wear them or own them (and with the broken toe I couldn't) but I really, really like them!!

knitter in the desert said...

You will be stylin in those shoes and dress (seriously the shoes rock and will totally show off your pretty toes)

melly~ said...

I -love- those shoes!
What's this? Diet talk? You should be ashamed. What are you up to Clementine?