Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lookie what the cat dragged in

Miss Melly, is that a bit of tan you're sporting? Why, yes, thanks for noticing. Then she spent three hours knitting a button band on Ash's sweater... and then this happened:
There was a silent string of expletives, but if I try to type them in a little "talk bubble", they don't all fit, and this is a 'family blog', blah, blah, blah... my girl was nearly in angry tears, and pretty much fricked the frack out, but then I gave her the patented "you get to knit the yarn twice (or in this case eight nevermind how many times) for the same money" speach. I think she looks better here, don't you? (She put her finger away for this pose.)
Ann had come eariler in the morning with a fab bag and posed nicely with it. She's even playing around with drafting her own patterns now; can a line launch be far behind? She's also the brains behind the website for Clementine's. I love computer-brainy people. I especially love it when they also happen to be crafty mommas.
This was yesterday's news. Today was a decent day, sales-wise, but I also started re-arranging bolts. Yeah. I got pretty tired of it, after moving just two collections. Tomorrow is another day. I'll show you a 'happy chaos' quilt in tomorrow's post. Now I'm headed home. The man is making his ab fab burgers, and I need to get cracking on a sock. Type at y'all latah. C
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gaylen said...

Oh I love that bag! I have got to get mine made! I'm so jealous. g

Stephanie said...

We've all felt Melly's pain.

That is one really fabulous bag!!! Very nice. I would SO make one of those. Did she make up the pattern? I want one I want one I WANT ONE!!!!

Okay...that's all I had to say :)