Friday, February 22, 2008

It's always something

I've finally regained control of the computer, only to have youngest son wake from his "early evening nap", cranky and disoriented and hungry. The problem is leaving the shop at 5:30 pm, with the ride home lasting about twenty minutes... well, you can see how it sets us up for disaster almost daily. He'll be fine once he's out of his coat. Trust me. The two hours of relative peace were worth it.

Some fabric will be on it's way to Clementine's soon. I had to have a near mental collapse, but I really don't care for Moda fabric much anyway, so the fact that they totally shafted me on my January order doesn't cause me too much pain. I faxed in an order to Westminster today, which I'd planned on doing anyway, but kept having anxiety attacks when it came to committing to AB's "Nigella" home dec weight fabric. No swatches, no way to lay them out and compare colors. Well, today I took a deep breath and ordered the ones I got good "gut vibes" from... basically the ones I won't mind having to eat the cost on if I can't sell them. I got a few other things, too, but was stunned to find out the new Anna Maria stuff is all home dec weight. As is the new Joel Dewberry (pure talent, that man is). So, I'm curious. Is this where we're all going, in the textile world? Are modern quilters so jaded they have no use for regular (and fabulous) quality cotton?
Okay, so I have to go now, as the youngest Becher is making a horrid racket about getting fed, and the man just got home and is disinclined to assist until he takes off his coat. Type at y'all latah, knittas.


Stephanie said...

Fun fun fun! I actually really like the heavier weighted fabrics for things I sew. But then again...I rarely sew things so what do I know? LOL. I used AB Nigella fabric for my sock tote bags. Oh...I love that stuff. The morning glory pattern is my favorite. I'll have to look up the other designers you mentioned because I am totally out of the know when it comes to fabric.

I hope the rest of your evening went on without a hitch. Late evening naps always kill me when it comes to bed time. I swear the kids can sleep even a few minutes and that translates into 3 hours added to bed time.

I swear I don't know how you do it....

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Cammie -- that IS surprising -- and a little disappointing. Maybe because "quilt" fabrics are used for so many things other than quilts? It seems like a lot of the westminster fabrics I see are made up in bags and home dec anyway.

gaylen said...

As I said when I replied to your comment over there - I use home dec fabrics for skirts, jackets, purses. I also use the quilting cottons for the same things. I think a quilt out of home dec would get heavy. I think if I were a quilter, this would be disappointing. I don't understand the trend.

Hope the little one went to bed without incident and you got some quiet knitting time. g