Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's color: "Mademoiselle"

I find myself with some time to kill. Yes, I suppose I could be folding another load of laundry, watching the middle three children do their math lessons at snail-speed, or mixing up a batch of cookie dough, for tomorrow's "cookie day" at the shop. I thought I'd do that when I got home from knit night, since appparently my offspring have discovered "sneating" (sneak-eating) all the chocolate chips from the baking cupboard, and I'll have to stop and buy more tonight. All I have left are two bars of bittersweet Ghirardelli that I use in my chocolate croissants. I've flipped out enough about finding that stash used up, usually in the midst of trying to fill the dough. Rolling out the patiently crafted dough is not the time to discover that the maddening hoardes have eaten a key ingredient...

I suppose I shall go knit on multi-directional scarf now. My nails look fabulous. I stepped out on the ledge and tried a bottle of 'Essie' nail polish. I've had it in the stash for at least two years, and have never been able to apply it to myself properly. On these fake nails, however, it totally rocks. 'Mademoiselle" is an ultra pale, sheer pink. I am cute today... yay, me. Tonight being knit night is perfect timing, as I find the self-striping yarn has run itself out... again. Beginning ball four tonight. I started another scarf with some sock yarn. It'll probably get frogged, but it's a nice diversion. I'll get some photos of it before it croaks. (See, cute nails make funnies.) Gotta go look busy; the spouse is looking at me like I should be doing something. Type at y'all knittas latah. C

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