Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting Wednesday

Waiting for yarn (Berroco, ordered a month ago) to show up. Waiting for the UPS man to bring the rest of the Rowan order. Waiting to get a word in, for the music to play, for the clock to strike five.

It was an unusual day at the shop because Herr Becher had to work. Adding five kids to my Wednesday made time stand still, though I seemingly could get nothing done. Harriet sewed the tiny acorn buttons onto the sweater, which you'll see here tomorrow. Melly and redRhonda are coming to the shop, so I'm putting Miss M on the job of making pictures go. I know it's simple, and even a moron could do it, but without my ADD meds (that tricky ticker can't take speed anymore) I am a useless husk of a human.

There seem to be lots of loose ends to tie up, with all the missing stock, and the need to re-order basic necessities. I am already out of the smaller, bent-tip Chibi needles. The freight costs on fabric are going through the roof and I'm afraid I've made a horrible miscalculation, but the only way through this would seem to be the "go big or go home" method. No, I am not ordering zippers and elastic (yet), but if anyone has any helpful advice on generating good business vibes, I'm listening. Today I decided to host a knitting 'event' for Franklin's B-movie festival. A little "naughty knitting" would spice the place up. Really I'm just looking for an excuse to knit thigh-high fishnet stockings.

Enough crying and gnashing of teeth. I'm looking forward to my visitors tomorrow, and showing off the finally finished baby sweater (kits available if you call the shop), and now I'm being kicked off the computer by a twelve-year-old. Back latah. C

Added later:
In view of my earlier pouty, whine-festival, I feel I should mention that in no way do I regret the adventure I'm on. I'm married to the coolest crab-ass that ever walked the planet, I have beautiful (or at least 'interesting' looking) children who are also smart, sassy, and creative, and I'm spoiled in every possible good way (though Melly will object to that). If I had to sit in a corner, watching the years march past me, I'd have to throw myself off a bridge on principle alone. It's a high, scary branch I'm on right now, but the view is spectacular. Please remind me to look out from it more often. xxooxx Cami


Dragonfly said...

I wish I was waiting for yarn. I don't really need any, but I love waiting for it, it's like Christmas.

Let me know the day, and I should be able to get the day off and then we can explore fiber sans hobbits.

Stephanie said...

rowan orders and berroco orders and yarn a plenty. Sounds like heaven. Tough...but heaven. Even if other people get to buy the still get to fondle it for a while. And we won't even talk fabric. I will not....repeat WILL NOT quilt because I know I would have an even bigger fabric problem than yarn problem. It wouldn't be pretty.

Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- is that the baby sweater that I saw in progress when I was down there? I can't wait to see it!

Marigold said...

If you're serious about the naughty knitting (teehee!) i know a couple sources for patterns...when is this movie fest? Will I still be pregnant?