Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spellcheck eats entire post... again

That's the headline for today's entry, and a delightful one it was, too. First, I regaled you with the details of a rather outstanding coffee cake I baked this evening. Then I told you about curling up on the loveseat with the scarf, now into it's third ball of yarn... I feel certain about the fourth ball being required. Possibly a fifth. Lastly, I wrote of how I'd successfully evaded the laundry room. My attentions will be directed there tomorrow, but as it's a "day off", if the children are lacking clean underpants, oh, well...

Tomorrow is Mandi Monday. In keeping with the spirit of infusing Clementine with all she needs to stay afloat until she gets her sea legs (and you know how she drinks... seems like she could handle the staggering along, don't you think?), Miss Mandi has graciously offered to practice cutting fabric in the shop. Should anyone happen by, she can greet them and hopefully not bleed out on the yardage. Which reminds me, I need to get some fresh rotary blades. I'm giving up on the Fiskars entirely. I think the blades are being manufactured out of soda cans in Viet Nam. The Olfa blades are remarkably better. Mandi is probably safer with a sharper blade. It gives me an excuse to go to Big Box Sewing Store for a snoop around. Last time I was in there (acorn buttons... still cute) I was shocked at how pricey the yardage was, for such rough and poorly printed cottons.

Today I had a visit in the shop that filled me with hope and glee. Yes, that's the word. Glee. Another huge fan of the Westminster fabric lines came in for the first time. I'm happy to report her eyes grew three sizes, trying to take in all the Amy Butler fabrics. It made me thrilled once more to be doing this, even as I battle to pay bills and get stock in... neverminding the customers who keep coming in to grope, but never buy. A bit of creative merchandising should remedy that (thank you, Mr. Brian). Now I'm off to put the smallest Who in Whoville to bed. C

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Dragonfly said...

In the last few days, I have managed to successfully cut things with a very sharp x-acto knife without issue... and yet managed to slice myself rather deeply with kids safety scissors... I'm all for sharper blades! dull blades force you to take stupid steps and pull really hard right into your own thumb!