Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Nuff said

Above photo: Nashua worsted and "Wooly Stripe", arm in arm above a basket of crack Rowan kidsilk haze. Below: "Rock Candy" fabric from Blank Quilting, in an odd assortment of colors. (Proof that a shop cannot rely on one person's opinion.)
Here we have two of the newest additions to the "Panda Wool" family; 'red cinnamon' and 'violets'. Super soft. You'd never guess it was made in part from wood pulp. Ditto the "Maizy"... yarn from corn. I'm not even going to mention the chitin yarns...

Here is the mess my knitting bag burped out at me last night (l to r): Koigu - color number lost forever, but it's citrus-y, LotusYarn "a thousand hours", which is how long it's taking me to finish the second sock (I'm in a knitting black hole. Send Help.), and an old Opal, in a red (not pink), black, and white, "boring as snot" stripe... it may never have a mate. Or I may have to resort to drunken knitting to make it the least bit engaging.

Black and white fabrics, from Moda (I know, but it was a request, for a customer). Sigh. I'm making a string quilt from these, with turkey red and the red 'rock candy' fabrics. Looks mighty fantastic on paper. Will try to get more done, now that camera is back and Melly has talked me through the process of making it spit photos out on command. Latah, knittas... C

Edited to add:
My apologies to the fabulous Thimbleanna, both for the nasty knot she'll have on her noggin as a result of actual photos being posted, but also for my comment about the black and whites. I have nothing against b/w, except it has become a "thing", one of the many wagons which patchworkers are piling on to. Now that you mention it, I guess that's how the trends roll, so a hundred (or more) years from now, textile experts won't have difficulties dating the quilts. So, nevermind my snarkiness about b/w fabrics... I'm on the wagon, too. Wait 'till you see the result. (but hand dyeing them sounds fabulicious, too)


melly~ said...

yay! pictures look GREAT!
can't wait to see you.

Annalea said...

Ohhhhh . . . I loooove Panda Wool sock yarn. ;o)

Those photos are great, Cami. Thanks so much for sharing! (And see how much *easier* and *simpler* blogging is when you don't even have to use words? lol)

Stephanie said...

pictures!WOW! I love the sweaters!! I love the socks and I totally can relate to the time sucking vortex that are second socks. What the heck is that all about anyway???

Thimbleanna said...



Oh. Excuse me. I fell out of my chair and then hit my head on the desk when I saw pictures. Actual pictures. Bravo!!! All looking rather dapper I might add. Not sure what the I know was about, so maybe I'm too dorky, but love the black and whites!

Dragonfly said...

I love the rock candy, totally digging the black and white and kind of jazzed by the "citrus" yarn.

And pictures!!!

knitter in the desert said...

Holy crap there are pictures! Yeah!

gaylen said...

I love the black and whites! They make perfect skirts and are super easy to jazz up with bright candy colored tops!

What's up with the socks on 'traditional' double pointed needles? You gave me so much grief knitting on double points that I always have a pair for the hubby which are being magic looped! Chicken. g

gaylen said...

I kinda, sorta, mighta talked a little trash about you on the blog today. You might wanna go check ;}