Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beam me up, Scotty

In keeping with Thimbleanna's post titles last week, I thought I'd just throw that one out there. I lost count of how many loads of laundry have been done, but now, at almost 1:30 A.M., I can honestly say I've been licked. I'd throw in the towel, but they're all waiting to go into the dryer.

Yesterday (which seems odd, since I haven't been to bed yet for it to be "tomorrow") Melly and her son, Justin, met me and the brood at the mall for some last-minute panic shopping. I did not get new eyeglass frames, because in addition to no raises, no cost-of-living adjustments, and the huge increase in our insurance premiums, those "one hour" people no longer have the sweet deals for Federal employees. (You can recognize government worker-bees by the careful way they sit.) This means I'll have to (groan) research our "benefits" (har) plan and shop around to avoid getting totally bent over on the frames (sigh). Because I have so much spare time on my hands these days. I think I just pee'd my pants a little with the gales of laughter that just escaped me.

In yesterday's comment's, Jaye mentioned her business partner coming to Indiana over Easter... which makes me want to cry (except the pain meds I took for my laundry-induced back ache are working verrry well) that of all the visitors I've gotten to meet, greet, and show around Clementine's , I have to miss the one I've been waiting for for months. Gah! The new Amy Butler fabrics have started to arrive; twelve bolts "yesterday "(still feels weird... must sleep soon), and twenty-six more will be here any day. The 'martini dots' are fantastic. I certainly hope she enjoys the shop... perhaps she can come the 26th, if she's still around... that's when the shop gets "back to normal".

I just remembered I have to e-mail IK with my fifteen words for my shop-listing. Ye gads, but I'm a forgetful mess. I should have the shop listed in the summer issue (in the back... I can't afford an actual ad yet), but all the lists of words I've strung together seem pretty lame. It's going to end up sounding like a grocery list, only for yarn. Oh, hold on a minute. I just realized knitter's have no problem with that... and how cool if we could buy yarn at the grocer's? I know.

Well, I have to get some real sleep. Even the dog is snoring in her crate. (She sounds like an old man with a deviated septum. Very alluring.) Later today I'll be with D-fly doing a mini yarn crawl. Yay! I'd forgotten there were some pretty fantastic things planned. Tough to remember when tackling a mountain of dirty duds. Look up. Smell roses. Count blessings. Get sleep. Type at y'all when I next get to a computer. *smooches* C


gaylen said...

Oh Honey! I so feel your pain, I haven't been up until tomorrow for a long, long, time. At least the 13 years that I've been married!

Hope the road trip turns out to be enjoyable and not totally from H-E-double hockeysticks.

Also, my old one works for a distributor or eye glass frames. Talk to me when you're ready, she's obviously out here, but she'll help you find someone out there with a great deal! g

Thimbleanna said...

Arrgggghhh. Blogger ate my comment. But oh well. You're hysterical! I hope you're having the best time ever on your little get-away. And getting some sleep and rest!