Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, Happy Day

Thanks for all the well-wishes on my birthday. Tonight I got to go on a date with Herr Becher, courtesy of Melly. She volunteered. I know. And I don't think she was even heavily medicated when she made the offer. Things went well for her and the kids... no fires, broken bones, or temper-tantrums. Things went pretty swell for me and the man, too. A nice, quiet restaurant with a most excellent fillet mignon, and afterwards we went to a bookstore. Alone. I shopped without a two-year-old pulling at my clothes. I browsed without having to urgently find a bathroom for a six-year-old boy. I got to look at books of my own choosing, without having to stop and explain for the eleventh time that we're not buying Pokemon comics today. It was blissful, and I can't thank that tall gal enough for the "time out".

Monday night was "date night", too. RedRhonda and Melly took me out to dinner and a flick. Downtown. I never go there because getting into the parking garage at Circle Center Mall freaks my frack out. All garages do, actually. Odd, since the mister used to work in the parking garage at UWM (Milwaukee, not Madison. Neither of us could drink enough to survive attending UW Madison.) Anyhow, we saw"Juno" and I loved it. The snappy dialogue, the selfless way the situations were handled and the evolution of the characters were all delightful. It comes out on DVD in April. Be sure you get you some.

Something else you need to get is the book "Itty-Bitty Nursery" by Susan B.Anthony Anderson. It is so chock-full of gorgeous baby and toddler knitted toys and gew-gaws I'm amazed I can even lift it. We (sorta) go past Madison next week on our 'world tour 2008'... is there a stalking session in my future? Sadly, there really isn't time, but the author seems like my kind of people. She has four children and still manages not only to be creative, but she's got two published books. There's a cupcake hat, knitted peas and carrots on a grand scale, a knitted tea set... too much yarny goodness to mention here. I love this book. Go buy it. I don't care that you're in your jammies, and neither will the book seller... hurry. Then tell me what you think.

p.s. The injury was that a friend's cat, who has always been anti-social (and therefore fun to antagonize) finally got her digs into my arm. The real problem was she didn't re-open her mouth as she tried to get away after chomping my forearm, leaving me with some deep puncture wounds and 'tissue trauma' (ie: substantial bruising). I don't think Ballou will need a rabies shot, and the tetnus was more because it's been decades since my last one. The Augmentin is also a "better safe than sorry" regime, because cat bites can be super-icky if not treated. All is well here, though, and the tendon will be healed up around the same time the bruising goes away.
p.p.s. Even "injured", I finished the sock and will start pinto-pony the second part tomorrow. Yay, me.


Anonymous said...

Glad to here you had a good time. Had you both forgotten how to have a conversation without being sidelined by the troop? With just the One at times on "date night" we will just look blankly at eachother. Though I have stopped reaching over to cut up Eric's food, and he has stopped trying to put a bib on me. HA HA! Yes, I've seen "Itty Bitty Nusery" I left my drool marks on it when I get a (+) I will be buying myself a gift! BIG NEWS= I found the REMOTE!!! I'll bring it in either Thursday or Friday.

Dragonfly said...

Am I the only knitter that doesn't have a baby around to knit for? I'm finally a fairly competent knitter and I'd love to make little hats, booties, toys, even maybe sweaters and yet, not a single one!!

Sent you email with my new cell number. See you soon I hope! (I realized that I don't know for sure what day you are leaving so I'm hoping you see this stuff)