Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo cord rescue

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Passed out boy in a hotel room. I'm only putting this one up for our favorite photog, as she will appreciate the laid-back style which Master Eli now finds so relaxing. No more doorways for him.

Down here you'll find a picture of "Norman". He's the resident "sock knitter" we went to meet up in Wisconsin (at the 'Just 4 Ewe). Those are Jan's hands, but she's more easily recognized by her brightly colored locks of hair. I meant to ask her if the teal fades as quickly as the pink and purple.
(Today was hat day at Clementine's. I really have to get after my white roots tomorrow... or wear the pink hat.)


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This is the delicious, chunky-monkey nephew who gave me an 'almost' smile as he sat in the hotel room and played. By "played" I mean that we chatted with his parents and he spent some time doing re-con work... where the outlets were, how the plugs were attached to the fridge and air-conditioner, and how best to pull up onto the coffee table to grapple the jelly beans before mom could stop him. He's definately on to this "walking" gig. I expect his parents won't know what hit them. Heh, heh.

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Thimbleanna said...

Haha, you should have a book just of Eli and the places that he falls asleep! This sock machine thingy is very intriquing. Is it alot faster? Are you relegated to just one pattern (Ha-stockinette -- is that where it came from?)